Photography News May 17, 2022

//Photography News May 17, 2022

Photography News May 17, 2022

Quote: “When people ask me for settings, sometimes I’ll provide them. But more often than not I’ll ask what it is they expect to learn. What do they think knowing those values will do for them?” – Thom Hogan


Fine Art Photography: A Complete Guide
Settings Versus Seeing – Thom Hogan

Working with Young Children & Families In the Portrait Studio – 55m


Re-Editing a 10+ Year Old Photograph – Master Your Craft – 9m


So, Your Photos Aren’t Sharp? Here’s Why – 10m


Improve your Woodland Photography today – Gary Gough, 30m


Thought for the day: Backups and Extra Disks I
I run a disk system with a JaBOD (just a bunch of disks) “array” to store my data. If a disk dies (and they do) I bring back one of my extra copies (I keep at least 2 spare copies) in the bank safe deposit box. I then buy a new disk and load the replacement. Simple, quick and easy.

Artist of the Week/Portfolio:
Mark Rothko’s Seagram Murals: Great Art Explained – 15m

The content of this blog post done in collaboration with one of our members, Greg Edwards:

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