Photography News May 24, 2021

//Photography News May 24, 2021

Photography News May 24, 2021

Quote: “We are making photographs to understand what our lives mean to us.” — Ralph Hattersley

Total Lunar Eclipse early on 26 May 2021 – PhotoPills
Things You “Can’t” Shoot From Behind – Thom Hogan
How to add an Etherial Glow to Landscape Photos – 16m
Vintage lenses on digital cameras. How good are they in reality compared to modern lenses? – 23m
No One Cares How Hard You Worked – Ctein
Minimalism / Long Exposure Landscape Photography Tutorial – 17m PhotoNinja

Thought for the day: Other Ways of Comparing Lens Focal Lengths
Often a 50mm ‘standard’ lens on a full frame camera is consider so as it sort of mimics the magnification of the human eye (you can train yourself to 35mm, 24mm, 105mm, etc.) but this is a starting point.
– Double the focal length and a 100mm lens has 2× magnification over a 50mm
– Half it and a 24 or 25mm lens has 0.5 magnification over a 50mm
– A zoom at 350mm has 7× magnification over a standard lens or the same as a 7×50 or 7×35 binocular.
– A 1000mm lens has 20× magnification, or about the same as some spotting scopes.

With longer lenses, consider the rule of thumb among astronomers, for every $$ spent on the telescope, spend an equal amount on the mount (tripod and head for photographers).

In the past few newsletters I covered three ways to compare lens focal lengths other than just their actual focal length.  This can give you tools for analysis as to the focal length that you actually need vs. want.

Artist of the Week/Portfolio:  Rachel Short Website Interview


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