Photography News November 11, 2020 

//Photography News November 11, 2020 

Photography News November 11, 2020

Quote: “Photography has no rules, it is not a sport. It is the result which counts, no matter how it is achieved.” – Bill Brandt

Photography is About to Change Massively, Here’s What it Means for You
The Freedom of Creating 8m Brooke Shaden
Webinar Noir: Stylish Black & White – 66m – Harold Davis
Tone Curve is the Most Powerful Tool in Lightroom
Photographs That Flow – Michael Frye
Photoshop – Using the Mixer Brush – 25m Aaron Blaise

Thought for the day: 10,000 hour rule or?
It has been stated that to become a genius you need deliberate practice for 10,000 hours. And various studies claim that the 10,000 hour rule is overstated.
Another story says that an infinite number of monkeys banging on the keys of with an infinite number of typewriters they will eventually produce all the great works of Shakespeare.

What about in photography?
Photography consists of two parts, the technical (is the picture exposed right, is it in focus. etc.) and the artistic (is the image interesting). You can use autoexposure and autofocus and that will solve the technical, at least for many images. But the outliers that don’t submit to auto-auto may be more interesting. And the artistic?  If you take 10,000 pictures a year than x% will be interesting.  If you carefully take 10,000 pictures a year then x will be larger.  As you get better over time x should get larger. And if you take risks, experiment, test, get feedback x will improve even faster.

Artist of the Week/Portfolio: Arnold Genthe  Nudes to Earthquake   Chinatown and 1906 Earthquake


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