Photography News October 17, 2022

//Photography News October 17, 2022

Photography News October 17, 2022

Quote: “It is the photographer, not the camera, that is they instrument.”
– Ansel Adams


Thought for the day: What’s the best way to arrange 12 hanging pictures?

Are the hooks already up? And are all of the hooks in a row? Are all the frames the same size? Then lay out the pictures so that they make an interesting sequence. If your kids, for example, perhaps by year: when little, when in school, when parents. Or if travel pictures perhaps by location. If you have a mix of color and mono pictures, or landscape vs. portrait orientations, consider groups similar together so the viewer won’t have to switch mental gears to view the images, i.e. colors together and BW together. And think what picture should be first and last. You want to get the viewers attention and keep their attention so they will look carefully at all the images. But note that someone walking the other way will see the pictures in reverse order. Do both directions make sense?

If you don’t have the hooks up, consider if you want the pictures all in one row (American style in galleries) or 2+ rows (like European galleries often use). Then sort the images as above and install the hooks, testing frame fit as you go. Be prepared to have to adjust some hooks.

I have dozen picture hooks in my hallway. I change the prints every few months.

Good luck and have fun with your show!

Artist or Art Field of the Week: Ansel Adams: A Playboy Interview?! – 12m


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