Photography News October 21, 2020

//Photography News October 21, 2020

Photography News October 21, 2020

Quote: “A photograph is like a recipe. Memory is the finished dish.” – Carrie Latet

How to Find Interesting Locations for Black & White Landscape Photography 
Create Your Own Cloud In Photoshop – 4m
Fine Art Landscape Photography – Photograph what you want to see! – Shipwreck photography in Pin Mill UK 15m
Adding Texture in Photoshop – 6m-good intro and some useful more advanced tips
Get CLEAN, noise-free images at NIGHT with this “stacking” workflow – 30m
Complete Guide to Long Exposure Photography 17m, Gary Gough

Thought for the day: Favorite Current Photographers – Brooke Shaden
I currently have two favorite current photographers whose ongoing prolific work I watch on YouTube. One is Brooke Shaden and her White Wall Wednesday series.  She is an excellent Conceptual Photographer who has excellent long classes on Creative Live. But her White Wall Wednesday series are shorter and free. The first is here v=sjHylsGcimM

Artist of the Week/Portfolio:  Brooke Shaden


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