Photography News September 6, 2021

//Photography News September 6, 2021

Photography News September 6, 2021

Quote: “I try to make a connection with the people I’m photographing and then I try to disappear” – Deanne Fitzmaurice 

Master Curves from Start to Finish in Photoshop – 23m


Visual Design Of A Photograph – 1h 40m


Better Photographic Composition – Beyond the Rule of Thirds – 2h 3m


How to Create Portraiture that is a Work of Art – Lindsay Adler – 1h 59m
(I’ve taken a couple of classes from her, I really like Lindsay’s work)


Fashion Shoot Without Fashion Clothing – 17m


7 Steps to Master Forest Photography – Mads Peter Iversen 22m


Thought for the day: Chances of getting a good portrait of one person

With one person it is fairly easy to get a good portrait. I sort of divide people I’m photographing into 3 groups:

  1. People who really know how to pose and are comfortable in front of a camera
  2. People who think they know how to pose and are cooperative
  3. People (usually men/boyfriends) who really don’t know how to pose and fare uncomfortable before a  camera. Not all men are this way (see below).

With the first group, you can have fun and play around with lights, shadows, clothes, props, and more. It is likely that the subjects in this group know far more than you about how to make a good picture of someone.

With the second group, you need to work more with them to get the right pose and expressions. Be sure to show them the work in progress and get their inputs on how to improve the pose. Change of hand position/shape, the direction of eyes, etc.

With the third group, people who are stiff/afraid of the camera, etc., deemphasize their face/eyes/hands. Again show them the work in progress and what is working.

Making high-quality pictures of people can be fun and often requires thought and imagination. Results are often better when you put more thought into the image. One of my favorite examples is Karsh’s photo of Churchill. Read paragraph 3 in

Artist of the Week/Portfolio:
Roger Ballen – Website – Article and Video

The content of this blog post done in collaboration with one of our members, Greg Edwards:

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