Take the best pictures of flowers this spring, and every other season in between

//Take the best pictures of flowers this spring, and every other season in between
Pictures of flowers simplified

With this image I zoomed out as the entire field was in flower. If I just focussed on a single flower, the effects would have been lost.

Take the best pictures of flowers this spring, and every other season in between

Whether you plan to play around in your own back garden or travelling to an exotic location to shoot some brilliant flower images, these tips will certainly improve your pictures. You don’t even need the most expensive equipment to create brilliant effects and take beautiful flower pictures.

Pictures of flowers simplified

Never be afraid to try different angles with your pictures of flowers. It might not be what you first had in mind, but it’s always good to try different perspectives.

Isolate your subject

One of the easiest ways to shoot beautiful flower images is to isolate them in the photo. One way to do this is with a shallow depth of field. Make sure that your background is of a contrasting colour as this will allow your picture to stand out.

Pictures of flowers simplified

Get down and dirty! These flowers were very close to the ground so I simply went flat on my stomach to create the angle.

Get up close to the flowers

The closer you get to your subject, the more interesting the results. Pick up that macro lens if you have one, but it is not the end of the world if you don’t. You can get good abstract flower images by using alternative lenses too and these shots often add a completely different perspective to your work. Look deeper and you will start seeing drops of pollen and all the life inside a flower.

Pictures of flowers simplified

Abstract can be good when it comes to flower images. Get closer and experiment with the unusual.

Keep it steady

One of the disadvantages when it comes to taking pictures of flowers is that you can’t really do it when the weather is not playing along. Unless you aim for an artistic shot of a field of beautiful flowers, rather steer clear of windy days. The only thing you will get is motion and blurry flowers, which is not necessary what you are after. Also, try and keep your shutter speed faster if you struggle to keep your camera steady without a tripod.

Pictures of flowers simplified

Isolate your subjects. The entire tree was busy flowering, so I picked a single spot to focus on, leaving the background blurry with a shallow depth of field.

Look at the bigger picture

While busy shooting those beautiful flowers from up close, take a moment and look around you. It is always important to take a step back and absorb the surroundings. It might be that the flower you focus on is part of an entire field spanning over great distances. In such cases, the picture speaks a thousand words.

Pictures of flowers simplified

This photo was taken on a breezy day, so you can see the slight blur despite the fast shutter speed.

Use a different perspective

Your point of view is very important when shooting flowers. Instead of just snapping beautiful flowers from the side, change your angle. Shoot your flowers from above or lie flat on your stomach for a low angle. You can even get the sun to light it from behind. Never be afraid to get your clothes dirty and experiment with different camera angles as you will get much better results. Always try and think of ways that will let your work stand out.


The best news is that beautiful flowers are easy to find, whether it is that rose in your garden or the bright yellow sunflower next to the road. Simply open up your eyes to the beauty around you.


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