The holy trinity of photography

//The holy trinity of photography

Have you heard about the holy trinity of photography?

If you want to be considered a great photographer (or even a good one, for that matter) you need to make sure you have these three key elements in your arsenal:

  1. Photography equipment e.g. camera, lens, post-processing software, etc
  2. Some photography education e.g. tutorials, classes, workshops, photo tours, etc., along with the experience in the field.
  3. Your own portfolio website.

Attention to these three elements is what separates the pros from the amateurs when it comes to photography.

Now, when you are starting out, you might think that the first point on this list is the most important and spend all of your money on gear. That’s what camera manufacturers are always telling you: want a better picture? – Buy a new camera.

More seasoned hobbyists spend their time and money on the first two areas. They love to buy new gear, but they also want to know how to become a better photographer. They sign up to webinars and classes, buy tutorials and attend workshops, in the hope that they will learn the techniques that will turn them into a pro.

However, it is the professional photographers who understand that the third element on the list is actually the most important, and they tend to be the ones who will prioritize building their portfolio rather than leaving it to the end. They understand that the skill of taking good pictures is different from the skill of getting a paid client or of getting recognized as a good photographer. They aren’t concerned with constantly upgrading their equipment or signing up to every single webinar going, they recognize that the end goal is to get their photos seen.

They know that nobody cares what camera you shoot with, what lens you are using, or what classes have you taken. If somebody wants to hire you as a photographer, the only thing they want to see is your portfolio.

Your Facebook and Instagram accounts are great for displaying your latest shots, but your pages look different every day, so you can’t control what clients will see. Most clients will expect a professional photographer to have a portfolio.

Having a portfolio website already gives you a huge advantage over most photographers, and if your site looks professional, you’ve got a good chance of getting in front of a client once they’ve seen what you can offer.

Even non-commercial photographers know that one of the first things they need is a portfolio website. Even if people are not going to buy your shots, you still want to be able to display them in the best way possible and to show who you are as a photographer. Even if your only audience is your family and friends, you still want them to love your photography, don’t you? So do what professionals are doing and build a portfolio website.

A portfolio website is not the sign of a commercial photographer, but the sign of a great photographer. Having your own website will give you a sense of confidence, gravitas, pride, and recognition, it really is that much of a game-changer. The best part is that you can have your portfolio website published tomorrow.

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