Top 10 Photo Opportunities in Germany

//Top 10 Photo Opportunities in Germany

1. Dresden

You will find churches, palaces and green nature. Dresden has a Royal Palace and you will find there interesting things to see and locations for Germany photos. Palace is called as Dresdner Residenzschloss. Follow the river and you will see nature. It’s good combination city+nature. If you would like to take more even more photographs you can go by train to visit Czech near by. It will only take about 2 hours to go by train from Dresden to Prague, Czech. I visited Dresden and I think I will return someday.


2. Cologne

I think Cologne is interesting city for Photographers. City has a huge Dom church, middle of everything. There is Rhine River near the city centre and possibility for river cruises or sightsee cruise. Take pictures around the city and around Rhine river. You will see river ships passing by. Good choice also for a night photo shoot. It’s nice to walk from the city to Riverside it’s green. Summer time people go to riverside for a picnic. Nearby is Dusseldorf city and it will take only few hours to go from Cologne to Belgium. Great location. Cologne has many cafes with a good Italian ice cream. Cologne is one of European cities worth to photograph.

3. Neuschwanstrein, Fairytale Castle

Located in Northern Bavaria. Beautiful castle and great location for photographers. Castle has also little waterfalls. Middle of nature and it’s a destination also for nature photographers. If you would like to photograph art pictures this one of the best European destinations.

4. Berlin Canals

Berlin is famous and often visited by tourists. You will find the canal side when you arrive by train to main train station. Green side is beautiful side of the city. Palaces: Charlottenburg,  Babelsberg Palace, The Belvedere on the Pfingstberg, NeuesPalais, Glienicke palace, Sanssouci.  You could also visit Poland from Berlin.

5. Schwerin Castle

Located in Schwerin and on an island in the city’s main lake. Photograph the castle, Palace park garden and lake.



6. Nuremberg Castle and City Walls

Nuremberg is also one of those Historical Medieval cities. Around the city Medieval city walls. Nowadays it’s also a modern city so you could see metro under the city walls. The city has also Christmas markets. Handicraft market is located near the train station behind and middle of the city walls close to Tourism office. Handicraft market is open usually almost every day and has a Medieval feeling.  The castle, together with the city walls is considered to be one of Europe’s most formidable medieval fortifications. Nuremberg is often referred to as having been the ‘unofficial capital’ of the Holy Roman Empire, particularly because Imperial Diet(Reichstag) and courts met at Nuremberg Castle. Robber baron Eppelein von Gailingen took the opportunity to escape by galloping to the wall and forcing his horse to jump above it into the moat. The city has also churches for Photographers.


7. Passau

Little town in Bavaria remind me of Austria. City of Three Rivers: Danube, Passau and Inn. Gothic and Baroque Architecture. River Cruises pass this city to Vienna and around and photographers could have a chance to take photographs of river cruises. Possibility to travel to Vienna from this town also by train it would take about 3-4 hours. Passau has Veste Oberhaus fortress on the Hill and visible to the city center. All is by walking distance like the train station, old town and fortress. Fortress Oberhaus is currently the site of a museum, a youth hostel, and a restaurant, as well as an open-air theatre.

8. Wurzburg’s Castle Marienberg Fortress

Europe tourist attractions include Marienberg Forestress in Wurzburg. The fortress is located on a prominent spur of the 266-meter-high Marienberg which rises about 100 meters over the Main river. Absolutely worth for photographers who like Medieval castles. Photographs of Germany you won’t forget.


9. Frankfurt

You will see old and also modern architecture in Frankfurt. The city has both. You could take Amazing Night Photographs of the modern buildings. There is also nature. The city is located on both sides of the Main River. It could come as a surprise how the city has very new high buildings but also very old buildings. Germany’s largest city forest on southern part called as Frankfurter Stadtwald. City remind me of somehow Sheffield UK. If you travel to Germany, it’s great to visit Wetzlar where they make famous Leica camera. While there, you can schedule Leica headquarters tour.


10. Rhine Valley and Bavarian Alps

If you take River cruise you could see valleys and cities. Sometimes there is castles and other landmarks you may see when you are on board. Koblenz has historic attractions. Best time to visit Germany for beautiful Germany photos? Weather is warm in summer season and then you could see more flowers and more of green nature. It’s also easier to take bright pictures when is summer or spring. Anytime is good time to visit Bavarian Alps. You will see Bavarian Alps if you fly to Munich. Rosenheim is very near Alps.

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