Canon Digital Photography Group is a community for all digital camera enthusiasts, both hobbyists and professionals. We discuss Canon digital cameras, lenses, etc., and other topics of interest to Canon users. We also have general photography and technique discussion areas, which are not camera-type specific.
We’d like to keep this group focused on all great photography, regardless of the make of the camera. The admins of the group reserve the right to remove any content that they feel is damaging to or distracting from the spirit of the group. We’ll be announcing interesting features in this SlickPic group soon, including contests, raffles, and much more – and your submissions will be part of it.
By joining this group, you agree to the following Group Rules in addition to the SickPic Terms of Use:

Group Rules
The Canon group uses English. We don’t all speak perfect English (even those who are native English speakers) and don’t worry, it's not a spelling contest.
• Respect other members, especially the new ones, by giving full answers. Saying "Do a search" is not welcome here.
• Don't post personal attacks or harassment. They will not be tolerated.
• Discussing religion and politics is not allowed.
• You must own copyright to all the photos you post, or have permission from their creator.
• We expressly prohibit: photographs with sexual offense, violence, or abuse (either human or animal); screen captures of other people's artwork or photographs; and photographs with nudity or offensive references.
• This is not the place for SlickPic tech support. For questions go to the Help page or contact Customer Support.
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