Period 1: 2017-2018

This is the PERIOD 1 Group page. Each student will create a SLICKPIC account first, and then, join this group. This is a member-only group. Join by searching for this group's name (Period 1: 2017-2018), using the Group Directory link.

Students will create albums by assignment in their accounts first. Then, to submit the assignments and be graded, they need to submit their albums to this group page. The assignments will be graded ONLY from this group page (NOT from individual accounts).

Students will use the SlickPic account ONLY to submit assignments. DO NOT use the SlickPic accounts to store all the images. Select 20 photos to submit per assignment and upload them only. (because of the storage limitation on the free accounts.)

Students are encouraged to view other students' work on this group page and their individual accounts. Don't forget to leave COMMENTS on their photos with positive feedback and constructive suggestions so that we can improve as we go.

Happy sharing!

34 members / 203 albums
Period 1: 2017-2018

Period 1: 2017-2018

Created on Jun 28, 2017
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