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The Basics

» Welcome To SlickPic

» Quick Start: How To Upload Photos

» How To Upload Photos And Videos (Standard Upload)

» How To Enable Comments

» How To Make an Album Public, Private or Unlisted

» Privacy Settings Explained

» How to Share One Photo

» How To Hide a Photo From Sharing

» How To Enable Album Download

» How To Download a Photo

» How To Share an Album

» How To Add Photos To The Portfolio

» How To View Photo Details

» How To Report Abuse As a Visitor

» How To Play a Slideshow

» How To Share a Collection

» How To Share Multiple Photos

» How To Create a Photoblog

» How To Use Photoblog

» How We Resize Photos

» How To Share Albums Securely

» Video Formats

» How To Download a Photo As a Visitor

» How to Use Web Gallery

» How to Add Tags to a Photo

» What Web Browsers work best with SlickPic?

» Take the Tour

Change, Edit & Rename Items

» How To Rename An Album

» How To Rename a Photo

» How To Delete An Album

» How To Delete a Photo

» How To Delete Multiple Albums

» How To Add/Edit Album description

» How To Add a Description To One Photo

» How To Rotate a Photo

Accounts & Upgrades

» How to Change Screen Name

» How to Change Personal Info

» How to Change Email

» How To Change The Password

» How do I cancel/delete my account?

Albums & Collections

» How To Change Default Album View

» Why Do I Need Collections And How Are They Different From Albums?

» How To Make Collections

» How To Sort Photos In Albums And Collections

» How To Organize Photos

» What Is a Quick Collection

» How To Add Photos To a Quick Collection

» How To Save Photos From a Quick Collection To a New/Existing Collection

» How To Select a Photo

» How To Drag And Drop Multiple Photos From Album To Album

» How To Use The Menu Icon In Albums

» How To Protect An Album With a Password

» How To Create a Sub-album

» How To Password Protect And Share Many Albums At Once

» How To Make An Album Cover Photo

» How To Protect Your Photos From Screen Captures

» How To Enable The Mark Photo Option In Web Gallery

Pages & Places

» How To Customize Your Web Gallery

» How To Remove Photos From The Portfolio

» How To Use SlickPic Plug-in For Lightroom 5.x

» How To Upload Photos And Videos Directly From Lightroom 5.x Without Using The SlickPic Plug-in

» How To Check What's Visible To Your Guest Viewers

» How To Use Facebook/Google Login With Mobile App

» How To Use SlickPic Plug-in For Windows Live Gallery

» How To Use SlickPic Plug-in For Aperture

» How To Upload Photos And Videos Directly From iPhoto Without Using The SlickPic Plug-in

» How to Upload Photos From iPhoto Using the SlickPic Plug-in

» How To Add Photos To eBay Auction Listing

» How To Post Photos On Blog And Website

» How to Install Google Analytics In SlickPic

» How To Use Show & Tell

» How To Create a Custom Page

Photo Edit and Enhancement

» How to Submit Your Photos for Enhancement

» Enhance Photos with Credits

» Editing Order Description