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Download Export plug-in for Apple® Aperture® 3.x for Mac OSX versions 10.5.8 - 10.8.x

Version 1.2   Release notes
7/17/2012 Version 1.2 includes:
— Fixed installation problems
Note: This plug-in version will update all previous versions.

4/27/2012 Version 1.1 includes:
— Added custom name support
Note: This plug-in version will update all previous versions.

3/19/2012 Version 1.0 Initial Release

What is SlickPic Export plug-in for Apple® Aperture®? SlickPic plug-in for Apple® Aperture® lets you upload your images directly from your Aperture to SlickPic Albums. Features: * Quickly and easily upload your photos to SlickPic through Apple® Aperture®. * Upload your photos to an existing album or create a new one. * Uploaded photos include metadata and tags added in Apple® Aperture®. * RAW files are automatically converted to selected format prior to upload.

Attention OS X 10.9.x users

The OS X 10.9.x has a new security system designed to keep you from installing apps that aren’t approved by Apple itself. Depending on your security preferences, you might get a notification that you can't install SlickPic plug-in because it was not approved by Apple.

To install the plug-in you need to override your security settings.

  1. Press the Control button and click the SlickPic app.
  2. Choose Open from the pop-up menu.
  3. Click Open and proceed with installation.

How to use Apple Aperture® Exporter plug-in? Select the iPhoto photos you want to export to SlickPic, and then click "File" → "Export" → "Export to SlickPic".
You will see the Export panel, in which you could log in into your SlickPic account and select album, photo size and name format.

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