February 2017

The new and improved Lightroom plug-in addresses intermittent Internet connectivity-related problems. To update or download the plug-in please check the plug-in page here: SlickPic Adobe Lightroom Plug-in.

You’ll be able to install it it either from the Adobe plug-in exchange page, or by directly downloading it from our site. Follow the installation instructions on the page.

January 2017

We have just released our new uploader. Now, you're able to upload multiple images simultaneously and see increased upload speed by 5x.

December 2016

We have officially launched the SlickPic photography blog. We are blessed to have a lot of talented photographers and members publishing content for it. If you are interested in writing for the blog, please email us at theteam@slickpic.com

November 2016

Yes, we've started our own blog! Check it out here: https://www.slickpic.com/blog.
We are very lucky that many talented photographers in our community are contributing to the blog. This new blog covers all photography related topics, from How-To's to the Art of Photography and tips for Professionals. Please visit the blog, read, learn and leave comments.

October 2016

SlickPic was accepted in to Verizon’s early adopters program and completely switched over to the HHTP/2 protocol. We are the first photo sharing company to switch to the new protocol. The benefits - speed and security and freed up browser resources which is great for our clients!

August 2016

Switched from Akamai to Verizon CDN (Content Delivery Network). What's a CDN? It's a worldwide chain of local servers that cache photos so they are delivered as fast as possible to a user's computer or smart phone. We're seeing a overall 10% speed improvement over Akamai CDN and our speed of loading photos in computer browsers is faster than any of our competitors. Excellent!

June 2016

Switched to a new billing system. It has advantages to our users, including option of changing payment methods, when needed. All new account upgrades are now going through the new billing system. The old premium accounts will keep using the old system - no need for users to make changes, however if they do, they will be switched to the new system.

April 2016

We've made our galleries even slicker. We've minimized the menus that cluttered the screen, leaving most of the screen real estate available for your photos. The scrolling of photos and albums has become easier, too. Check it out! We hope you like our new Gallery.

We've been working on the overall system optimization to make SlickPic even faster and completely error free.

November 2015

Custom domain names
Every premium customer is already enjoying domains personalized with their screen names, but now you can forward your personal domain to your gallery, so your web address could look like this: YourPersonalDomain.com.

Create your own graphic watermark, upload it, and set it any way you want. You’ll have the option to add your personal watermark to your photos during upload.

New premium memberships
We’re introducing new premium memberships with even more features. Don’t worry, if you already have a membership plan you like, you’ll be able to keep it for as long as you want. (We mean that.)

March 2014

We've introduced the new Portfolio. The Portfolio is a place for your best photos. You can manage them the same way you manage albums and collections.

We've optimized the Organizer. It loads much faster and looks much better now.

We've modified our upload by email. In addition to the one we've always had in Accounts, we've added it as an option to Group Upload. Just go the Album Menu in Organizer and select Group Upload. An email address that allows you to send photos to a specific album will become available. If you have an event like a wedding or a party at work, just print out the email address and put it on the tables. Your friends will be able to email photos from this event directly into your album.

February 2014

We've stopped showing ads in the galleries of Free users but to compensate, we've had to limit the number of uploads for Free users.

We've added the new Wallpaper View. Now you can see large photo thumbnails in the correct aspect ratio. This is a good addition to the Square view for albums and collections.

We've added an option to invite friends to SlickPic. After logging in, you'll see the "Invite Friend" card on your Dashboard.

January 2014

Introducing Show and Tell:
Show and Tell is like getting your friends together in your living room and showing them a slideshow. Only instead of trying to gather everyone together, you just send them a link to view your live presentation. And unlike a video conference, Show and Tell doesn't require a good internet connection, so you can invite anyone to view it — even on their phone! You can narrate along with your photos over the phone or via Skype.

December 2013

Put it into print!
SlickPic has just partnered with KODAK to provide our users with in-store printing. Just submit your print order to the store nearest you and pick it up the same day. While this service is currently only available in North America, more stores worldwide are coming soon!
Need help printing? Check out the How to Print via the KODAK Photo Service here.

November 2013

  • Introducing Google Analytics integration for PRO users. The Google Analytics statistics helps you see and analyze your visitor traffic to paint a complete image of your audience, their likes, and their behavior.
  • Introducing Exhibit Portfolio. This is a slick, artist profile page all about you, showcasing your best photos in dazzling quality.

October 2013

This month, we're bringing you the Dashboard, a new feature that gives social-minded users a visual snapshot of everything that's happening with their account, including their messages, comments, updates from the people they're following, and more

September 2013

  • The Protect from screen capture feature is now available to PRO users. It will put a protective layer with your personal SlickPic address on top of your image so if anyone would try to capture or photograph your photo, the captured image will also have a web address of your gallery. This watermark is not embedded in the image and doesn't damage the original photo. It could be turned on and off any time.

August 2013

SlickPic released its new Exhibit feature, allowing users to showcase their best work like never before; Explore, which lets users browse public galleries in beautiful quality by clicking on the Explore button at the top of the page; and Portfolio, which gives artists individual public profile pages for their Exhibit work.

June 2013

Added Community Groups.
Added additional photo sharing options for mobile web browsers

SlickPic: May 2013

  • Added automatic photo rotation to iPhone/iPad apps
  • Added sharing options to mobile apps
  • Added ability to preview how your Gallery looks for other users
  • Added Photo Description under the photos

SlickPic: April 2013

  • SlickPic has added .PNG and .GIF files support. Now if you want to post your photos in other websites, blogs, or eBay auctions, you can use these transparent or animated images. Animation will not show in your albums however, since all the images are scaled to fit the browser window and the animation is lost at this point.
  • You can now add background audio to slideshows. In My Organizer select album preferences, scroll down and click the Add Background Audio button.

SlickPic: March 2013

  • Want your friends to be able to upload photos to your album? Introducing Group Upload. Go to the Album's menu and select Group Upload. Send an invitation right from there, or get a guest upload URL to send out or post on Facebook.
  • You can now customize your gallery. Go to My Albums/Gallery menu in My Organizer and change fonts, colors, add descriptions and change the gallery view style. Now you can select between Square View and Grid View (PRO accounts).
  • We have also released an Image Links Generator which allows you to preview and configure photo sizes, as well as linking options for Blogs, Forums, and enables easy bulk photo sharing for eBay/Craigslist listings.
  • To see who has accessed albums you've shared, you may visit the Album History option in the Album Menu. Look for My Links tab.

SlickPic: February 2013

  • The Upload screen has been completely redesigned. Now you can effortlessly upload photos and videos by simply dragging them to the upload window (or you can continue to upload the old way by browsing and selecting photos and videos).
  • A new versions of our iPhone and Android apps are alive. Now with video uploads from Camera Roll. Get them here: iPhone / Android.

SlickPic: January 2013

  • You can now view SlickPic users' public Photoblogs in the SlickPic community. Click the green Community button on the top menu and then select Community Photoblogs.
  • We've spent a lof of time this month optimizing the efficiency of SlickPic and making your photos appear instantly. Check it out -- it's super fast!

SlickPic: December 2012

  • Your Presentation Gallery now has a new Justified View. If you haven't seen it — it's time to check it out! If you like it, you can choose it as the Default View in Album/Collection Customization.
  • More sharing options are available! In addition to Facebook, Twitter and Email, we have integrated sharing to Tumblr, Blogger and Pinterest.
  • The Sharing Window in My Organizer now has "Shared With" tab where you can manage the shared links sent via Email. You can see whose viewed your albums, how many times and you can also disable the selected shares if needed, without affecting other shares.

SlickPic: November 2012

  • Video is now automatically embedded into SlickPic's photoblog posts. Just go to your album or collection and select the Create Photoblog Post from the menu. Both Photos and Videos will be there so you can hide/show or rearrange them, add descriptions and you are ready to publish.
  • We have added Album/Collection History so you can have a log of your previous actions. You can find it in the Album's menu in My Organizer.
  • The Export plug-in for Apple iPhoto is here! Select one or more photos in iPhoto and upload them to SlickPic with a click of a button. Get it here.
    • Quickly and easily upload your photos to SlickPic through Apple® iPhoto®.
    • Upload your photos to an existing album or create a new one.
    • Uploaded photos include metadata and tags added in Apple® iPhoto®.

SlickPic: October 2012

  • We've introduced a new Group Upload function. This lets your friends add photos to your albums. From your album's menu in My Organizer, select "Group Upload" and invite your friends to upload photos.
  • SlickPic has added Trash Can functionality for file management. Whenever you delete photos/albums/videos/etc, they will be moved to the trash, giving you the option to restore the files if needed within a few days.
  • Gallery sharing now available! Share your galleries the same way you're used to sharing albums. In My Organizer go to the My Organizer menu and select "Share".
  • Additionally, Slideshow support has been added to the sharing options. Now you can embed slideshows in your blogs or forums.

SlickPic: September 2012

  • Want to import your Gmail contacts into SlickPic? Now you can! Go to "Address Book" in "Account" and click "Import from Google".
  • Albums can now be (re)arranged in My Organizer the same way that you arrange your photos: just drag-&-drop your albums and their order will be reflected in your Gallery.
  • Bloggers will be pleased with the new Direct Links option in your Share menu. It's now easier than ever for bloggers to operate with direct URL links! This feature is recommended for advanced users only.
  • You can now see what happens with your shared and public albums on the new My Wall! New events have been added including: votes, favorites and following.

SlickPic: August 2012

  • With our Photoblogs becoming more and more popular you may now add videos too! Embedding videos is easy and can be done the same way as with your photos.
  • You can now search community photos by photographer. To do that, select "Photographer" in the drop-dow menu when searching.
  • You can now enable album downloads for your viewers, as well as specify the maximum file size for your photo uploads.

SlickPic: July 2012

A new version of our Android app is alive. Now with multiple uploads from Gallery. Get it here.

SlickPic: May 2012

SlickPic now has a new look. Our home page has been completely redesigned.

SlickPic: April 2012

A new version of our iPhone app is alive. Now with multiple uploads from Camera Roll. Get it here. A new Android version is coming.

SlickPic: March 2012

Check out the new Community page. You can see showcase your public photos, see public photos of other users, you can follow photographers you like. The message board is here too. Now you can chat with the whole community.

SlickPic: February 2012

SlickPic now has Full Screen Slide Shows! Present your photos in all their beauty at full screen. Flexible speeds, new transitions and high resolution. Everything you need to make the best impression.

SlickPic: January 2012

SlickPic now has video upload! Add video to your gallery and share with your friends. SlickPic supports Standard and HD format.

SlickPic: November 2011

Because you want to get to the fun part, we’ve made it easier to preview thumbnails in your albums. How? We made thumbnails bigger - which means you might even enjoy deciding which photos to open.

SlickPic: October 2011

Mark any public photo as a favorite to add it to your personal faves list. The more favorites a photo receives, the more likely it is to appear in the Community Gallery.

SlickPic: September 2011

Now it's even easier to vote – with a new button under every public photo on the site. Top-rated photos will appear in the Community Gallery, where more people will get to see them.

We’ve added a new Android app! Download the app here.

SlickPic: August 2011

NEW mobile apps now available! Get your iPhone/iPad or Android app to upload your photos to SlickPic.

  • View album photos at full size
  • New transition effects
  • New online creative photo albums
  • Dynamic photo slideshows
  • High resolution photo uploads
  • Share photos uploaded from your iPhone with friends and family
  • Make good photos look great with SlickPic Photo Enhancement

SlickPic: July 2011

Announcing SlickPic Notes - our new internal messaging system. Use SlickPic Notes to personally communicate
Learn More...

with other SlickPic users. Simply click the Send Message button in the user's gallery and type in the field that appears. SlickPic users can also send you Notes but you can disable this option on your Account Settings page. Messages are displayed on the Dashboard page. Review, hide or reply to messages right there.

SlickPic: June 2011

SlickPic's Photoblog is here — a web blog that puts the accent on photographs.
Learn More...

Read more about photoblogs. It's super easy to create a photoblog on SlickPic. Go to one of your Albums or Collections and click the New Photoblog Post button. All your Album or Collection photos are displayed with room to add descriptions above or below the pictures. You can also hide photos you don't want to show. When you're done writing, share the photoblog and choose from Public, Unlisted or Private viewing options. Try it now! Less...

SlickPic: May 2011

The SlickPic Publisher for Adobe Lightroom! Edit photos from your desktop and sync to SlickPic. more.. Sync photos on your computer to SlickPic albums. Change, add or delete pics in Lightroom and SlickPic is automatically updated.

SlickPic: April 2011

Try our new Bulk URL Share option. Post multiple photos to blogs and forums. more.. It is an easy way to showcase a big batch of photos. Codes are automatically created for you to copy and paste to your website. less.