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SlickPic was created by a group of photographers who grew tired of trying one photo service after another only to find that each one was created by engineers for engineers and required technical knowledge to use it.

We wanted a service that was capable of storing, showcasing, sharing, and displaying photos in all the different ways people use photos: some just for family, some for friends, and some to show the world.

So, we built SlickPic. And we’ve been helping fellow photographers since 2010.

We’re not just about creating software to upload, share, and showcase images (though we do that very well). But we’re more than that.

We believe that anyone with a passion for photography can become a great photographer. And those who are brave enough to believe they can become great photographers are the ones who succeed.

This belief guides us in how we design our features, interact with customers, and hire our talent.

All you need is passion, persistence, and some tools for the journey: a camera, editing software, and what we believe is the most important tool for any digital photographer — the ability to showcase your work at its best.

It’s not the camera — it’s the photographer. And how you’re perceived as a photographer is determined by how you present your images: to friends, family, clients, and the world.

We develop software that is laser-focused on photography, so we can present your images at their absolute best, and so you can spend more time taking photos.

It’s a work of love. We hope you love it just as much as we loved creating it.

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About SlickPic

SlickPic is an all-in-one service for photographers to create beautiful, professional portfolio websites and galleries without any coding.

Made for photographers of all levels and stripes, SlickPic makes it easy to showcase, share, and grow your work online. Learn more