Create your album

1. Sign up & create your album

Sign up and create your first album. It only takes a minute!

After you sign up, you may create as many albums as you like. You could make one for the museums, another for the sightseeing, and a third for the pub crawl (maybe keep that one Unlisted, though). Or have one album for the entire trip, with sub-albums if you need them.

You can also keep one album for your own photos and another for your friends to upload their travel pics.

Let's start with uploading your own photos: See how to upload photos to your own albums: Watch video

Invite your guests

2. Invite your fellow travelers

Now you can create an album for your friends to upload their photos. Just send them an email invite or share the invitation link via social media.

That way, your friends can email the photos they take from their phones immediately to your trip album. Friends using regular cameras can upload their photos directly to your album from home.

See a quick video on how to make your album a group album and how to invite other people: Watch video

And if you want to share your adventures with others, just send them the shared album link.

View and upload photos

3. View and upload photos

See your trip from every point of view!

If you don't want your photos to be visible to everyone in your gallery, make the album Unlisted or Password Protected. That way, only the people from your trip will be able to view it. Make sure to invite all your fellow travelers! You can share your album easily on all social media. See how to share your album here: Watch video

You can always administrate the album and remove any photos you don't like, or create a separate, private album and move photos you don't want anyone to see there.

Save all the wonderful memories of your awesome trip by inviting all your fellow travelers to contribute to your trip album. Everyone you invite will be able to upload and view photos.

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