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Photo Critique Hub
Photo Review w. Bruce Finocchio
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PSA Conference 2012
De-Mystifying DSLR Video
Graham Nash

Welcome to the Photo Critique Hub

Everyone is welcome to join, whether you've attended the recent workshop or not. In order to improve your photography, you need practice and feedback. Practice without a feedback isn't enough. This June we've started a series of free photography education workshops which we'll try to do once a month. The photos are reviewed in live group meetings, after which we open the online gallery for comments. These comments may be as helpful as live in-person reviews it all depends on your level of participation. We invite you to spend a little time going through other peoples photos and sharing your comments and constructive criticism.

Note: Commenting can't be done anonymously so we ask you to login. Click here to a create a new account if you don't have one.

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