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Great Spotted Woodpecker
This female woodpecker visits the garden to eat the peanut butter that fills the hole drilled in the side of the wooden crossbar. e
Grey Squirrel
This is one of four squirrels visiting the garden. This one is a young male called Pretty Boy. They love the hazel nuts that I put out for a treat.
Sunset over Wrenthorpe
The sky looks like it is on fire, or a volcano has erupted behind the houses. The colours are so vibrant, this is just how it was taken no work has been done to it.
Sunset over Wrenthorpe 2
The sky is so dramatic, the colours are amazing. The sky looks like it is on fire.
Sunrise over Wrenthorpe
Almost as dramatic as the sunset came the following sunrise. Again the sky was aflame, reds and oranges filled the sky. Just watch out for that old shepherds warning!en
Gambian girl
Taken in Gambia a few years ago. This little girl had no idea I was taking her picture.
Taken in The Algarve Portugal, there were storks nesting on almost every rooftop. The storks would dance as part of the mating ritual which was very interesting to watch and made a very interesting photographic item. At least I thought so.
Open wide
The Blue Tit chick was being fed and he had to open his beak as wide as possible to fit in the bugs the parent bird brought to him
Up, up & away
The hot air balloons flew high in the sky, we could hear the people inside them chattering enjoying the ride. The balloons followed one another like a line of birds getting smaller and smaller til they could no longer be seen.
Great Spotted Woodpecker Grey Squirrel Sunset over Wrenthorpe Sunset over Wrenthorpe 2 Sunrise over Wrenthorpe Gambian girl Storks Open wide Up, up & away
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