Osaka/Kyoto May 7/8/9 2011 by Colin Croke by Colin Croke
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_COL4914 (Bales of something or other waiting outside a temple after being brought in from the rain.Osaka.)
_COL4909 (A small cloister.Osaka.)
postsharposakatower (Osaka Castle on a rainy day.Osaka.)
postsharpbnwtower (BnW version of Osaka Castle on a rainy day.Osaka.)
_COL4886 (View from inside Osaka Castle.Osaka.)
_COL4882 (Osaka Castle through trees.Osaka.)
_COL4875-Edit (Osaka moat and city.Osaka.)
_COL4860 (Wall of Osaka Castle's Moat. Osaka.)
_COL4858 (Wall of Osaka Castle's Moat. Osaka.)
_COL4853 (An Osaka Police Officer. A group of other officers are standing our of frame on the right chanting while this officer inches out onto the rope shouting a response to the chants. Finally he drops and slides along the rope to the other side.Osaka.)
_COL4843 (Fat Man's Reflection. Osaka.)
postsharpfatman (The Fat Man. Not sure what the Japanese call these shops, but they are essentially glorified Pound Shops.Dotombori, Osaka.)
postsharpmainstreet (Amusement Park, Dotombori, Osaka.A building front along Kani Douraku Canal.)
postsharpbuilding1 (Building Fronts, Dotombori, Osaka.Buildings along Kani Douraku Canal.)
postsharpocto (Local Cuisine. An octopus take-away along Kani Douraku canal, Dotombori, Osaka.)
_COL4810 (Restaurant Front, Dotombori, Osaka.)
postsharp4795 (Kyoto Imperial Palace. Arrived too late in the evening to get inside, but I snapped this shot of a side gate while the sky filled in bringing the following day's rain with it.Kyoto.)
_COL4787 (Teddybears Fishing.Old Canal, Kyoto.)
compoCOL4782-Edit (Kyoto Side Street.Old canal, Kyoto.)
bnwCOL4782-Edit (Side Street Black and White.Old Canal, Kyoto.)
_COL4767 (On the Edge. Old Canal, Kyoto.)
_COL4760 (Cats, Old Canal, Kyoto.some well looked after cats hung about the canal.While photographing them, an older local westerner came along and gave them a good feed.Just like all Japanese, the cats were very civilised about the whole ordeal.)
_COL4758 (Duck and Cat.Old Canal, Kyoto.)
_COL4756 (Entance into what may have been a restaurant.Old Canal, Kyoto.)
_COL4751 (Kyoto Old Canal.)
postsharpbridge (Kyoto Old Canal.This was an of the tourist trail canal that we stumbled across. Very charming and relaxing, and popular with locals walking their dogs.)
_COL4740 (Monk at Heian Shrine, Kyoto.)
_COL4738 (Monk walking in Heian Shrine, Kyoto.)
_COL4737 (Duck and Turle.Heian Shrine, Kyoto.)
2COL4723 (Time Out.Bridge across lake at Heian Shrine, Kyoto.)
2COL4721 (Bridge over a lake, Heian Temple, Kyoto.)
manwoman2 (Stepping Stones.Heian Temple, Kyoto.)
_COL4705 (Heian Temple Gardens, Kyoto.)
_COL4692 (Pond at Heian Temple, Kyoto. Unfortunately we arrived at midday, which is not the most flattering light for nature photography!)
_COL4667 (Prayer Tree, Heian Temple, Kyoto.)
flipped2 (Heian Temple, Kyoto.)
postsharpstreet (Sunday Shoppers, Yasaka side streets, Kyoto.)
colourCOL4652 (Curio Shop, Yasaka Area, Kyoto.)
_COL4630 (Taxi and Temple, Yasaka side streets, Kyoto.)
_COL4626 (In the Frame. An art student sketches Yasaka Pagoda.Yasaka side streets, Kyoto.)
finalCOL4623 (Yasaka Side Streets, Kyoto. The alleys and side streets wending their in the surrouds of Yasaka Pagoda offer a myriad of small temples and curio shops. Quaint is the best word.)
2COL4617-Edit (Yasaka Pagoda, Kyoto.)
BUDDHAPANOUNFINAL (Buddha at Peace.A large buddha statue and lush mountains at Kodaiji Temple, Yasaka area, Kyoto.)
warmCOL4597 (Kyoto Postcard, Yasaka area, Kyoto.)
_COL4591-Edit (Self Portrait, Kind of!!! Yasaka area, Kyoto.)
_COL4572 (Roofs at Yasak Shrine, Kyoto.)
_COL4570 (Drinkin cups, Yasaka Shrine, Kyoto.)
_COL4568 (Yasaka Shrine, Kyoto.)
_COL4561 (Stumped, Kiyomizudera Temple, Kyoto.)
_COL4560 (Kimono, Kiyomizudera Temple. Suprisingly, quite a few Japanese wear wearing Kimonos on this Sunday that I was there.)
_COL4551 (Prayers, Kiyomizudera Temple.This shrine was dedicated to love and relationships. The idea was to close your eyes and walk from one end to the other, and the first person whom you bumped into was your future partner.Sounds silly but a lot of Japanese there were giving it a go!)
_COL4549 (Incense, Kiyomizudera Temple, Kyoto.)
_COL4547 (Detail above Kiyomizudera Temple, Kyoto.)
2COL4541 (Pagoda, Kiyomizudera Temple, Kyoto.)
_COL4540 (The White Rabbit, Kiyomizudera Temple, Kyoto.)
_COL4534 (Roof Detail, Kiyomizudera Temple, Kyoto.)
sattemplestone (Temple at Kiyomizudera, Kyoto.)
_COL4520-Edit (Entrance to Kiyomizudera Temple, Kyoto.)
_COL4508 (Living with Ghosts, near Kiyomizudera Temple, Kyoto.)
_COL4503 (Endless, Kiyomizu, Kyoto.)
_COL4501 (A path leading through a graveyard to Kiyomizudera Temple.Kyoto. I never take the easy route! Still, unlike the the morbid graveyards at home, this place was rather bright and uplifting.)
_COL4498 (Headstones, Kiyomizu, Kyoto.)
_COL4479-Edit (Kani Douraku Canal, Osaka. My first picture of the trip. This was the only picture I took after arriving late in the evening as it began to rain. Luckily, I found an Irish Bar nearby and all was good again.)

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