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UP Train Mopac
Union Pacific Train heading north on the Mopac Rail Line along Mopac Highway through Austin.
Austin 2nd street_
Late afternoon, early evening on 2nd street during Austin Art Festival.
Austin on Tire
I had about 3/4 of this old 50s car thus I zoomed in and took the scene on the chrome wheel.
Blue Bonnet w- House
This was the best blue bonnet field in the Austin area. This was possibly the only shot available due to other distracting houses in other directions.
Old Pickup Hwy 183A
This is a early 60's International 100 Pickup. This truck has been parked for years at an old ranch which is for sale and will likely turn into a neighborhood as families move into the suburbs of Austin. The cedar trees are growing between the bumpers. I finally had time to take a few pics in the morning light.
HWY 97 Floresville -3
On Highway 97 just northeast of Floresville. The yellow flowers were much brighter, they seemed to washout the entire scene.
HWY 97 Floresville -2
Blue Bonnets along Highway 97 northeast of Floresville.
Camp Tejas
Camp Tejas South Trail along the North Fork of San Gabriel River
Camp Tejas Trail
Trail heading east from Camp Tejas towards Lake Georgetown
Austin Graffiti Park-3
Artist painting at the Austin Graffiti Park during SXSW 2014
Hunt Bridge
Hunt Crossing bridge along the North Fork of the San Gabriel River between Lake Georgetown and Camp Tejas.
Old Fire Engine San Antonio
Tower Race SAFD display; two retired firemen that operated an engine similar to the one on display were answering questions.
Old Shed
I had been waiting for a long time to get the right cloud cover to get a good shot. B&W just seemed a lot better.
Waco SB
Walked around Waco on 2-21-2014
Enchanted Rock Turkey Pass Trail
Turkey Pass Trail broken rock contrast seemed much better in B&W.
Fort Stockton Train
Rail Yard in Fort Stockton 2013
Hemisfair Tower
Post Tower Race 2014
UP Train Mopac Austin 2nd street_ Austin on Tire Blue Bonnet w- House Old Pickup Hwy 183A HWY 97 Floresville -3 HWY 97 Floresville -2 Camp Tejas Camp Tejas Trail Austin Graffiti Park-3 Hunt Bridge Old Fire Engine San Antonio Old Shed Waco SB Enchanted Rock Turkey Pass Trail Fort Stockton Train Hemisfair Tower
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