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Afternoon Break (Southern China, afternoon break.)
"Faces" Kyoto Train Station.
Friends (I spotted these two young people carrying on at the Kyoto Japan train station. Kyoto train station is always very crowded, anytime of day or night. These two found a corner of the train station, out of the way of the crowds to have a happy moment together. I carry lite when traveling for business, so all I had was my pocket Olympus point and shoot for this shot. On my way to catch a train for my next meeting!)
Walk This Way. (Cross walk cop in Kyoto Japan.)
Girl Talk (A park bench in Tottori Japan.)
School Girl. Tottori Japan. (OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         )
family_portrait, China
Fresh Market, Taiwan.
Sunday In The Square (City Center Southern China, on a Sunday afternoon.)
Your Move. China.
Guys day with the kids, China.
Gamblin Grannies, China.
Gazing at Beauty. (Captured while walking through a flower market in Taipei Taiwan.)
Street vendor, China.
Hand out, China.
Not interested. China
Young Entertainer (While walking through the atrium of a restaurant in Panyu China, I caught site of this little Chinese girl playing her heart on a drum in the middle of the atrium. All I had with me at the time was my iPhone, so I snapped off a few. Quite the entertainer as she was drawing a small crowd!)
Starving Artist (Turning down a street in the village of Jincheng, on the island off the coast of Xiamen China, a lone street artist is spotted, hoping to create a caricature drawing of a passerby.)
Bubbles (While strolling the walk way along the South China Sea in Zhuhai China, I saw this young Zhuhai girl making bubbles from the breezes off the sea.)
Street Market (Street Vendor on one of the small islands just off the main land of the China city of Xiamen. These small Islands are a big tourist escape for residence all over China. Many street markets and shops.)
Food Court (Along one of the narrow streets of Jincheng China. This is a village on an island just off the coast of Xiamen China, in the South China Sea. This island is a very popular place for local Chinese to escape to, to vacation or weekend to. This particular street is a food court of sorts. Many shops, nature preserves and "FOOD" all across the island. Each street you turn down will have a surprise. Choose your own crab, and put it on the grill!)
Sisters (While walking through a neighborhood in Xiamen China exploring and photographing, these two sisters saw me pass by and were very interested in having their photograph taken. How could I say no!)
On The Veranda (A backyard deck table setting in Tokyo Japan.)
Power Nap (Zhong Shan China. Middle of the afternoon, taking a nap in between jobs.)
High Stakes (Zhong Shan China, street card game. Looked like a Chinese version of poker.)
Welcome to China (Southern China)
Nagoya Castle (Nagoya Japan)
Simple Pleasures (Fisherman on Lake Biwa, Shiga Prefecture, Japan.)
Japanese Garden (Nagoya Japan, city garden)
Japanese Garden (Nagoya Japan, city garden)
Japanese Garden (Nagoya Japan, city garden)
Japanese Garden (Nagoya Japan, city Garden)
Passionate point (Nagoya Japan, city garden)
Japanese Garden (Nagoya Japan, city garden)
Master Chinese Calligrapher (Zhong Shan China, street market vendor.)
Power Napping (Zhong Shan China)
Life Friends (Meixian China)
Father Daughter Cruise (Meixian China)
Para Gliding Over Japan Sea (Tottori Japan sand dunes)
Sand Dunes Buggy (Tottori Japan Sand Dunes)
Sand Dunes Climb (Tottori Japan Sand Dunes)
Hiking The Sand Hill (Tottori Japan Sand Dunes)
Camel Ride (Tottori Japan Sand Dunes)
Floating Pedestrian Bridge (A walk along the Meijiang River in Meizhou City China, will take you to this river crossing, across a floating bridge.)
Hong Kong Night Lights (Hong Kong photographed from the Kowloon side of the bay. A rare haze free night.)
Kowloon busy night street.
Kowloon near Nathan Street.
Night Market deals.
Another Skyscraper?
Sunday Stroll. (OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         )
Hong Kong through the smog mid day. (OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         )
Sunday afternoon Kowloon. (Just a random snap shot in time of a busy city street and people, Hong Kong, on the Kowloon side of the city.)
The market place. (                               )
Life on the Khlongs (A resident paddles home from a flower market along a Khlong (cannel) in the countryside of Bangkok Thailand.)
Bird Man. (                               )
Me and the locals...
Me with the locals
Beach Wedding Volley
China Beauty
Through and artists eyes.
Neighborhood traffic, Southern China.
Daily Routine, Southern China.
Grocery_delivery_boat,_on_the_Khlongs_of_Bangkok_Thailand. (                               )
Life on the Khlongs, Bangkok Thailand (                               )
Temple in Bangkok Thailand (                               )
Life on the Khlongs. (Drifting along on the Khlongs (canals) of Bangkok Thailand.)
Durian Style Cultural Center, Singapore. (OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         )
Kyoto_Temple_copy (OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         )
Tokyo Palace Grounds
New Tokyo Tower_October_2010_097_copy
Strolling in her garden, Tokyo.
Tokyo Tower (Standing next to one of the three legs of the old Tokyo Tower.)
Yours truly, local delicacy
Lost her group.
Days Catch
Deep in the mountains.
upper_class_appartments (OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA)
bamboo_scaffolding (OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         )
Food_Court. (OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         )
Heading to Work. Dogguan.
China Dolls. (OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         )
Tasty Fish Head. (OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         )
Downtown Zhuhai from Hotel window.
Shouzhou China. (OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         )
Venice of China (Old city in Southern China.)
Water Taxi.
Romantic Moments. (OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         )
Tea House
China_2009_469 (OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         )
we_hangem_where_ever_we_can_copy (OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         )
Movin on (OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         )

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