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Under the Blanket (Just after sunrise, the morning after 22" of snowfall. Looking out my front door into the neighborhood. Took the day off from work and played in the snow!)
Two Snow Blowers and a Shovel (Clean up after 22" of snow the night before. The shovel just wasn't enough.)
Desolate Park (No ice skaters, or even Canadian Geese in this winter scene this day. Looks can be deceiving. It is 15 below zero and winds of 30MPH, making it feel like 45 or more below zero.)
Ginger Bread House (In the summer time this would just look like any other house. But on a crisp cold, minus 15 degree winter day, after 20 inches of snow has fallen with holiday decorations still in the windows, this house takes on a whole new character. As I drove by this day, it reminded me of a real life Ginger Bread House.)
Backyard Winter Wonderland (View from the warmth and comfort of my kitchen bay window, sipping a hot cup of coffee. Two days after a total accumulation of 20" of snow, and now temperatures of 15 below zero, this winter scene looks even better from inside! Photographed through my bay window. View as seen from my chair at the kitchen table.)
Just Chillin (Diamond Lake, Mundelein, IL. Photo essay.)
Four wheelin on Diamond Lake (Diamond Lake, Mundelein, IL. Photo essay.)
Ice Dancers (Diamond Lake, Mundelein, IL. Photo essay.)
Workin the ice (Diamond Lake, Mundelein, IL. Photo essay.)
Frozen Lake (One of a photo essay of Diamond Lake, Mundelein Illinois. The bright mid afternoon sun is deceivingly warm looking as it reflects off of the frozen desolate lake. This day found the air temperature a chilly zero degrees F.)
One With Nature (Diamond Lake, Mundelein, IL Ice fishing on Diamond Lake here in Mundelein, IL. is an extremely popular pass time. This is one of many photos taken this day on Diamond Lake as a photo essay on Diamond Lake.)
Winter Ritual, staking your claim. (It's important to get out early and get your territory marked off. The best spots go fast! One of many photos taken this day as part of my photo essay on Diamond Lake in the winter.)
Winter Ritual, a portrait of ice fisherman. (Ice fishing on Diamond Lake, Mundelein, IL. Standard pose on the ice most winter weekends! A home away from home for some.)
Mild winter.
Sunset Over Diamond Lake 2
Having A Bad Day (On the way to work, this minor accident happened right in front of me as I exited my subdivision. I had plenty of time to take a few shots through the windshield before I could proceed.)
Quiet winter evening. (A walk in my neighborhood during a mild winter evening.)
Sunset over Diamond Lake (The title and image say it all. My favorite place to be any season.)

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