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Beach scenes from Indian Shores, FL. while on vacation.
Sun Rays
Sunrise, Indian Shores, FL.
Sunrise at Indian Shores, FL.
Beach scene at Indian Shores, FL.
Fishing 2
Human 1, Egret 0.
Fishing 1
Human and bird with the goal in mind. Question is. who strikes first. Fishing 2 will answer that question! This photo was taken one afternoon while on vacation, strolling a beach at Indian Shores FL., just west of St. Petersburg on the Gulf. The theme of the day was simply, beach scenes. I happened on the Egret first, wandering the shore in search of food. as we approached this fisherman, the Egret came to a stop, and waited patiently, along with the fisherman. The image in photo "Fishing 2" tells the rest of the story.
Cape Coral Sunset
Searching Sea Shells on the Sea Shore
While lying in the sun on the sands of Sanibel Island FL., I happen to peak down the shoreline as I rolled over to bake my other side. Peering into the bright sun, my eyes had a hard time focusing as I watched a group of people in the distance searching the shoreline for sea shells. That was the inspiration for this image. I wanted B&W with some sepia to givive it the look I saw with blurred eyes.
Sanibel Island Snow Egret
Staying dry, hunting for whatever gets washed close to shore.
Peaceful Sunset
Indian Shores Florida, near Clearwater, on the Gulf.
Sunset Path
Indian Shores Florida, near Clearwater.
Sunset Walk
Indian Shores Florida, near Clearwater Florida. Sunset on the Gulf.
Japan Golf
While on my last recent business trip to Japan, I had a chance to play a round of golf near Kyoto. The day was overcast and drizzling. Between the lush colors from the drizzle, and the layout of this particular hole, I felt compelled to snap this shot. All I had with me on the golf course was my iPhone for a camera.This was taken in early November, 2014.
Dann Park Taipei Taiwan
Saturday morning roller blade practice at Daan Park Taipei Taiwan. On one of my business trips to Asia and had some time to take a walk in the park Saturday morning and capture some of the days activities. Traveled light this trip with my newly acquired Canon Power Shot.
Release And Ready
Having some fun photographing my nieces softball team in action.
One Eye On The Catch
While on a walk through a fishing village on the coast of Taiwan, about an hour outside of Taipei City by car, I happened by this family pet, keeping one on the days catch.
Old Country Residence
On a walk through a small country village just outside of Taipei City in the Mountains.
Waving Goodbye
One of my final photographs of this Blue Heron, after following it around our neighborhood as it hunted for food. It's morning breakfast consisted of three fish over the course of an hour.
Morning Sushi
One of three fish caught and devoured by this Blue Heron.
Flower hopping
Bee in flight from one flower petal to another. Didn'r notice the other little creature nestled in the flowers until I was viewing this frame later. All my attention at the time was on the bee in flight! Very popular Illinois Prairie flower.
Natures Bouquet.
I captured this image as I was walking through a parking lot, and noticed a large public flower bed. Even before I shot my first image, I already knew what the title would be. Nothing says beautiful but natures own bouquet.
Shades of Red and Green
From my early Autumn neighborhood photo walk.
Autumn Gold
Early Autumn photo walk in my neighborhood.
Early Autumn Changes
An image from my mid-morning photo walk of my neighborhood this morning. We are at the beginning of the Autumn change. As I happened upon this house, the sun, at 2 o'clock of the frame was lighting up the multicolored leaves of this very old Maple tree. You can also see leaves of vines on the side of the house that have turned colors while other trees and bushes are still green.
Signs of Autumn
A mid morning walk in my neighborhood to capture Autumns beginning.
Riding the contrails.
I am near the end of the runway at NAS Whidbey, in Oak Harbor, WA. I caught a squadron of F18's doing touch and go's over the Puget Sound. The afternoon was foggy and humid, so the aircraft contrails were hanging almost stationary. I caught this F18 riding right along one of the contrails as he approached the runway.
Wakayama city view 2
This apartment entrance in downtown Wakayama, Japan says 'welcome".
Wakayama city view 4
A side yard garden of a city dweller in Wakayama, Japan.
Wakayama Japanese Garden
Japanese garden on the grounds of the Wakayama Castle.
Wakayama Castle
Cherry Blossom spring time at the Wakayama Castle in Wakayama Japan.
Wakayama Castle 3
A different vantage point viewing Wakayama Castle in Wakayama Japan. Cherry Blossoms are in full bloom.
Young Entertainer
While walking through the atrium of a restaurant in Panyu China, I caught site of this little Chinese girl playing her heart on a drum in the middle of the atrium. All I had with me at the time was my iPhone, so I snapped off a few. Quite the entertainer as she was drawing a small crowd!
Under the Blanket
Just after sunrise, the morning after 22" of snowfall. Looking out my front door into the neighborhood. Took the day off from work and played in the snow!
Frozen Lake
One of a photo essay of Diamond Lake, Mundelein Illinois. The bright mid afternoon sun is deceivingly warm looking as it reflects off of the frozen desolate lake. This day found the air temperature a chilly zero degrees F.
Two Snow Blowers and a Shovel
Clean up after 22" of snow the night before. The shovel just wasn't enough.
Blue Heron on the Puget Sound
Looking into the setting sun on the Puget Sound, Whidbey Island Washington, this lone Blue Heron waits patiently for dinner to swim by.
Starving Artist
Turning down a street in the village of Jincheng, on the island off the coast of Xiamen China, a lone street artist is spotted, hoping to create a caricature drawing of a passerby.
While walking through a neighborhood in Xiamen China exploring and photographing, these two sisters saw me pass by and were very interested in having their photograph taken. How could I say no!
Food Court
Along one of the narrow streets of Jincheng China. This is a village on an island just off the coast of Xiamen China, in the South China Sea. This island is a very popular place for local Chinese to escape to, to vacation or weekend to. This particular street is a food court of sorts. Many shops, nature preserves and "FOOD" all across the island. Each street you turn down will have a surprise. Choose your own crab, and put it on the grill!
While strolling the walk way along the South China Sea in Zhuhai China, I saw this young Zhuhai girl making bubbles from the breezes off the sea.
Canon T-90, Vivitar 80-200mm lens, Tmax 400 pushed to 1600. For local news paper sports feature. Mid 1990's sometime.
Marie Osmond
Marie Osmond performing in 1992. Shot on Kodak Tmax 400, Canon T90, Vivitar 80-200mm lens. From my photo journalism days at a local newspaper. Negative scanned via ION Film2SD
Photo taken with Pentax K1000, 50mm Pentax F1.8 lens on Kodak Tmax 400. Camera positioned on top of fence post with manual shutter plunger. Don't remember settings anymore! Inside feature photo for local newspaper, 1992.
First Snow
First ground covered snowfall of the season. Freshly fallen leaves from autumn in evidence on top of freshly fallen snow.
Framing Autumn
Taken at my sisters house while having an early dinner. I glanced out the window and thought how wonderful autumn looked framed in the window.
Natures Art Work
Nature walk at Hastings Lake.
Rising Above The Fog
Looking south from E. Jackson Dr. Chicago Loop. The towers of One Museum Park at Roosevelt Rd. rise above a layer of fog rolling into the city from Lake Michigan.
Morning Dew
A macro image of my Hibiscus at sunrise looking into the sun. Water droplets left over from early morning dew.
On The Veranda
A backyard deck table setting in Tokyo Japan.
Salmon Fishing
Salmon Fisherman trolling the waters of the Puget Sound on the shores of Whidbey Island WA.
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