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Pelicans & Clearing Storm Couds.jpg
Take from a residential area in Cambria that is right on the water. We sat an hour before this shot came along.
Kirk Creek & Nearby-11.jpg
Cambria Shore-6
Kirk Creek & Nearby-2.jpg
Cambria Shore-1
Kofa National Wildlife Refuge AZ-24-Pano
Mono Lake-5.jpg
Sunsets are an ever present photo opportunity but some are just better than others. I guess there are clouds in this one, but it seems it's just the sky color.
Resident of The Montana Grizzly Encounter
This is one of the several Girzzly bears that reside in Casey Anderson's Montana Grizzly Encounter because they cannot be released into the wild.
Flaming Gorge
The expanse of the Flaming Gorge is captured in this single photo. The landscape features are large and colorful and defy description.
Dante's View (5000')-3
The ever fantastic formations and colors in Death Valley are epitomized in this single photograph.
Colorful Fall Grasses_.jpg
Grasses on lake bottom when lake is dry due to drought
First View of Jackson Hole.jpg
Looking down into Jackson Hole area from the West. Visitors must pull off into a pull-out to get this view.
Train Singer in Ft Bragg.jpg
This retired high school music teacher very much likes his job as a train singer on the Skunk Train (Steam) that runs excursions from Ft. Bragg to Willits, CA
Carson Pass Cabin in Fall.jpg
The Carson Pass offers lots of photography in the Fall.
Frog Lake #2.jpg
Frog Lake is at the end of a high into the Eastern Sierras.
Tufas in the sun.jpg
Mono Lake Tufa's on a windless day. I'm not lucky enough to have still water very often.
Colorful High Desert South of Lee Vining (7100').jpg
Desert flora near Mono Lake; shaeded mountains south of Mono Lake
Body Ghost Town Relic. Arrested Decay. Timbers are holding it up.
June Lake.jpg
the June Lake area is at first not all that scenic in spite of the advertising. However, given some time and the right season, it can be quite nice. It's an easy loop off of highway 395. Fall is the best time to visit.
West Across Antellope Valley.jpg
This was shot after a day of poor shooting conditions and not much to shoot in the mountains near Mammoth Mountain. This was taken on the way back to our RV in Lee Vining.
Sunset in Cambria.jpg
A sunset taken from a beach near Cambria, California. Pacific Coast sunsets are frequent.
Tree & Setting Sun on Moonstone Beach.jpg
This tree was in front of a motel we stayed at on Moonstone Beach about 10 years ago. It was easy to step outside and take the sunset shot.
Cabin in the woods.jpg
I took this photo in a friend's back yard in Blue River Oregon. The cabin was on the property when my friend bought it many years ago.
La Push Second Beach 32.jpg
An island off the Olympic Peninsula
Banff Mountain.jpg
A striking view from the top of the nearby gondola ride. Lots of similar mountains nearby. A mountain photographer's paradise.
Stream West of McDonald Lodge.jpg
Taken at dusk from the back patio of McDonald Lodge
Morman Barn in Morning Light-Edit.jpg
A classic must-take photograph if you are in Jackson Hole Wyoming. The best light is early in the morning.
Famous Tree.jpg
This tree on the 17 mile drive is another heavily photographed thing on the Central California Coast. Still, I had to take my turn.
Relaxing on break
Docent at the Place of Refuge takes a break
Nevada City Signage.jpg
This wall has been used for two or three different signs over the last 100 years or so. Remnants of them are still visible.
Original Pelton Wheel Factory.jpg
This building is now a museum. It was a Pelton Wheel factory 100 years ago. The re-use of old corrugated sheet metal of differing colors really struck my fancy.
Old men and old Post Office.jpg
This is the oldest post office in California, adorned by two elderly gentlemen.
June Lake Loop in Fall.jpg
Fall color on the June Lake Loop; Eastern Sierras; Hwy 395
Eastern Sierras.jpg
Typical scene in the Sierra Mountains. This one on Highway 108 I believe. I liked the cloud pattern that complemented the mountain pattern which itself was reflected in the water. A kind of zig-zag pattern. And the water was particularly still on this day.
Bristle Cone Pine Closeup.jpg
I've never seen a Bristle Cone Pine tree that was not mesmerizing. They all seem to be reaching for the heavens. While the color range is limited, they are also very colorful. This one was probably 4000 years old or older. These trees do not decay, they are worn away by blowing sand or moisture freezing on the surface.
Dying Lake.jpg
While this lake is dying, it was very quiet and scenic when this photo was taken. Found the lake on a hike into the Sierras north of Sierra City on Highway 49 (north of Grass Valley).
Ragged Point PCH.jpg
Just another shot of the Pacific Ocean in Central California but I liked that the cypress tree branches echoed the rocky point in the ocean to the south. Taken at Ragged Point, not far north of Hearst Castle.
People on a pier.jpg
San Simeon Pier just north of Cambria on the California Central Coast.
Boardwalk to Cypress Grove.jpg
Boardwalk along Moonstone Beach in Cambria, California.
Gnarly Oak Tree in Montana de Oro State Park.jpg
I don't take many photos of trees, but this one is mesmerizing to me. It's about a mile inland from the ocean near the end of a trail that otherwise offers very little other than 8 foot high brush along the sides. But, the reward is at the end.
McWay Falls-Edit.jpg
McWay Falls is in Julia Pfieffer Burns State Park south of Big Sur, California. It's an easy walk out to this viewpoint. Surely it's one of the most photographed spots in the world, but still it never gets old seeing it first hand. We drive down the Big Sur coast often.
Stern Paddle Wheel on Lake Tahoe.jpg
Excursion boat on Lake Tahoe.
I forget what this machine was, but it sure has a lot of gears. It's in a park in Lee Vining on Highway 395.
End of Life nr Mt. Lassen.jpg
One of my best old barn photos.
Santa Cruz Boardwalk
Photo of the Santa Cruz Boardwalk amusement park from West Cliff Drive. Roller coaster is more than 100 years old. I love the many colors.
Big Island Crimson Sunset
Just a sunset, but incredibly vibrant color.
Elder Teacher
Old Hawaiian fellow teaching basket weaving at the Place of Refuge on the Big Island.
End of the road east of Hawi
Drive northwest out of Hawi until the road ends. Turn-around is difficult and there will be many other spectators. But, the view is great.
Pahoa Shore
Pahoa Shore, about 12 miles south of Hilo, looking north. Waves crashing on lava cliffs.
Near Hilo Botanical Gardens
A framed shot of the shore near Hilo Botanical Gardens.
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