Hiroshima peace memorial park by KRoberts
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The view from Mitaki station
Hiroshima station in the rain
Peace memorial museum
Hiroshimas geographic layout focusing on the position of lakes and rivers
Some info about the Japanese army stationed in hiroshima
More info in how Hiroshima became of military significance in Japan
Military propaganda to rally citizens to support the army during the early years of the war
After the bomb
A diorama of Hiroshima before the bomb
...and after the bomb
A diagram showing what countries have nuclear weapons, and how many...
Guess who has the most?
The day Peace memorial park was founded
seems like the day was appropriately overcast
These models were pretty disturbing to see, its a family that survived the initial blast only to slowly melt in the radiation.
A diorama showing where the bomb actually exploded, around 600 meters above ground (about 6 &1/2 football fields high)
The shadow was left on these steps by a man who was vaporized in the blast
This guys fingers were infected by some shrapnel from the blast, and his fingernails began to grow thick and black, and they contained blood vessels...
Ash filled rain that fell over HIroshima for a long time after the bomb
Radiation induced cataracts
View of the park from the museum
Making my way downtown
The shopping center
These guys have cards for every possible card game... and arcade card machines...
Wait, what? Cars can drive through here??
I had no idea these places existed openly in Japan
that's not how you spell Don Quixote
What? a tortise?!
These guys were as surprised by it as me... so we posed (with the customary Japanese peace sign of coarse)
Tarot cards!! (Road skills)
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