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I really wanted to get in the boat, but everyone else wanted to leave... :(
Cell phone break!
Kareoke time!
This was the cafe, the hosts were so nice, the lady had some funny stories.... i could only understand about 2% though
Caption contest #1, Frame #1 go!
Frame #2
The middle of the path is where the gods walk! Keep your a$$ to the side!
Caption contest #2 Frame 1:
Frame 2:
This is one of my favorite places in Japan
Fortune teller!
Real Japanese Ghost stories: Apparently someone took a picture of the empty gateway, and when they looked at the photo the figure appeared.
see any ghosts???
Apparently there was a god hiding nearby, and this god was trying to coax it out of hiding with toys and dance
apparently there are supposed to be a hundred steps
That was more like 92.... so Yamcha
This well holds the water of the gods... yeah I tried some :)
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