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It's not easy hitting a target, especially when that target is moving. When you are defending yourself, the fighting conditions are usually less than ideal. Maybe it's dark, you're tired, the ground is slippery, you've just been clobbered a few times, AND the other guys is moving! Watch this video and learn how to improve your hit ratio.
When you are forced to defend yourself, you don't have to let things unfold on their own. Instead, you should do what you can to control the fight. One way to gain advantage is to use disruption. Watch the video to learn how.
There are several self defense techniques anyone can do and everyone should know. No martial arts training is required. Watch this quick video and learn how to protect yourself.
Quickest self defense techniques provided by Karate Kids specializes in self defense lessons and martial arts classes in Hawaii. For more information call us today (808) 738-5425.
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