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Natur(e's/al) Cycle
In the village where I took this photo (like still in a lot of villages here in Turkey) they grow a lot of things themselves. Everything they don't consume daily is being preserved by drying and bottling. In this village, interesting enough, they don't preserve apples as much. Not like I am accustomed too from where I grew up, where they consume preserved apples a lot ("appelmoes", "compote").So when I saw these apples "rotting away", my first impulse was "what a waste". Shortly after however, I thought that this is actually "natural" and the usual way of nature reproducing and recycling everything - Natur(e's/al) Cycle
Natur(e's/al) Cycle 2
On our journey one day, at the side of the road we noticed an apple tree. We picked two apples and sat down to eat them, when all of a sudden I noticed these having a feast of themselves..
Natur(e's/al) Cycle 3
Natur(e's/al) Cycle Natur(e's/al) Cycle 2 Natur(e's/al) Cycle 3
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