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Item information:

Leaving Marsta
Frosty Morning
This is a beautiful drive which we enjoy.
The road is very good and it is divided.
We liked the contrast of evergreen and bare.
Sunday morning
0ne 100...
Two 100....
Three 100.  Nice series...?
As we gain a little elevation, the fog lifts.
The sun comes out.
We are back in the forest.
Decending a little...
coming out of the trees and
into farm land for a minute and back to the
forest.  Sweden, all rock, little dirt on top!
Out the side window at 60-not bad.
Car sized bolder in field.
Ikea...favorite lunch place!
Willey's- grocery store we like.
Driving into Uppsala.
Very quiet on Sunday!
Uppsala Train Station
Spires of Dom Kyrkan
Bridge over river which runs thru town.
Looks official to us.
No place we can name.
Formal gardens, part of palace.
Gloves AND a heated steering wheel!
Not many homes, 80 % of Sweden live in apt.
Dutch roofs ar very popular, and charming.
Pretty weather vane.  Sorry you can't see it.
Dom Kyrkan
On our way outof Uppsala
Nice point perspective...?

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