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plant 1
I had chose to capture this image because of the droplets on the plant's leaves. On a rainy day people usually do not look at their surrounds, but today I was able to and take it all in. Having droplets on plants make them so much more beautiful.
plant 2
Hanging plant in the rain
This photograph is one of my favorites because the plant is nicely place with this view of the rest of the backyard. The droplets on the leaves with the clarity make the image's feeling sentimental. The falling raindrops in the background add onto this feeling.
plant 4
umbrella 1
umbrella 2
underneath the umbrella
An umbrella prevents many from getting wet on a rainy day. Not many people will look from underneath the umbrella to see the many raindrops on top of their umbrella. This raindrops are so randomly places that it makes it very unique to just look at and admire.
This image was able to happen because of a clogged drain located in my backyard at my family dislikes because this happens. I never enjoyed walking through puddles but looking at them was always my favorite . Having rain drop into makes this ripples that I love because it shows other water collecting up with this huge puddle. The patterns created add on to me capturing this moment
boiling water
The running faucet
This is probably my favorite images here in this album because it is so simple and calming. Personally I like to have simple images around me because of the minimal amount of color and minimal amount of subjects within the frame.
plant 1 plant 2 Hanging plant in the rain plant 4 Sink umbrella 1 umbrella 2 underneath the umbrella ripples boiling water bottles The running faucet hose
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