071313 Burgess Falls SP, Sparta TN by Pat Serio
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This hike seems to be an annual one for the Nashville Chapter of Tennessee Trails Assn, as I went with them, this time, last year. This year, there were lots of new folks - some from Germany. There had been so much rain this year, that the river and falls were running extremely fast and full. Before everyone got to the park, I took off and got a few pics of the dam and a surprise gift - a small Great Blue Heron! Hope you enjoy!!
001 Purple Coneflower
002 dam upstream from falls
003 dam upstream from falls
004 upstream from falls
005 upstream from falls
006 Great Blue Heron
007 Great Blue Heron
008 upstream from falls
009 upstream from falls
010 upper falls
011 Upper Falls
012 Upper Falls
013 Middle Falls
014 Middle Falls
015 drippy wall
016 trail
017 Middle Falls
018 Middle Falls
019 Middle Falls
020 Tick Trefoil
021 gorge wall
022 below Burgess Falls
023 Burgess Falls
024 bottom of Burgess Falls
025 Burgess Falls gorge
026 children playing in river
028 top of Burgess Falls
029 top of Burgess Falls
030 stairs to bottom of Burgess Falls
031 Burgess Falls
032 Burgess Falls
033 Burgess Falls
034 who is going rock sliding
035 Burgess Falls
036 Burgess Falls
037 guys fishing at base of falls
038 Burgess Falls
039 brave girls
040 Burgess Falls
041 base of Burgess Falls
042 caged stairs to base of Burgess Falls
043 Middle Falls
044 wet weather water falls
047 CSA for ice cream
048 some of the CSA farm land
049 inside CSA store
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