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Item information:

One Star State (Confederate Soldier)
Platoon (Union Soldiers)
North Meets South
Tending The Wounded (Nurse)
Sawbones (Battlefield Medical Station)
Little Rebel Girl (Confederate Girl)
Battle Weary (Confederate Soldier Sleeping)
Western Couple
Face To Face
Marching On To War (Confederate Soldiers Marching)
That Was Close! (Surgeon and Medic)
Battle Lines (Union and Confederate Soldiers Engaging)
Battle Lines (Union and Confederate Soldiers Engaging)
General Lee (Confederate Soldiers)
Angels Of Mercy (Battlefield Nurses)
Angels Of Mercy (Battlefield Nurses)
Rebel Riders (Confederate Cavalry)
Rebel Charge (Confederate Cavalry)
Charge (Confederate Cavalry)
North Meets South
The Sentry (Confederate Soldier)
Flying The Flag (Union Soldier)
Firing Lines (Union and Confederate Soldiers Engaging)
Cavalry Line (Union Cavalry Riders)
Volley Fire (Union Soldiers)
The Piper (Union Soldier Playing Flute)
Eyes Front (Union Soldiers)
Camp Girl (Union Camp Girl)
Johnny Reb (Confederate Soldier Smoking Clay Pipe)
The Rider (Union Cavalry Rider)
Girl In The Shawl (Union Camp Girl)
The Little Drummer Boy (Union Drummer Boy)

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