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Jazz Festival Guy
Tauranga NZ
Blue Sky
On the road, high in the Andes before descending (a little) to La Paz. Bolivia
Iguazu Falls, a small view
The Falls seen from from Brazil.
Parque Das Aves. The Bird Park at Iguazu Falls.
The Residential Sector
Machu Picchu, the hilltop ruins of a large 15th-century Inca city.
Friendly Firepower.
A Bank Guard with a smile.
Forgotten Church
On the Forgotten Highway. Whangamomona. New Zealand
Shy young lady
San Ignacio De Loyola Church
San Ignacio, Paraguay
Casual Lady
Ollantaytambo, Peru
Paton's Rock
This kind lady let me take her photo while she contemplated the view. A local, and a regular visitor to this bench.
Lake Ellesmere
A Cold Sunset
Lake Ellesmere
The Sparrow
Man with a horse, and a point of view.
Nelson. Market Day.
Marlborough Sounds
Her favorite photo. About 2 years old.
Cosy comfort, a la 1860
The main room of a Settlers cottage. Restored to its early 1800's condition. Akaroa, South Island, New Zealand
Gabriels Gully
Site of a gold strike in 1862. South Island. New Zealand
The Huntsmen
The Master of the Hunt giving instructions for the days Hunt. New Zealand.
Curio Bay
South Island. New Zealand.
Cape Foulwind
Cape Foulwind is a headland on the West Coast of the South Island of New Zealand overlooking the Tasman Sea. Previously named Rocky Cape by Abel Tasman, the present name was bestowed by James Cook in 1770 after his ship Endeavour was blown offshore from this point.
Jazz Festival Guy Blue Sky Iguazu Falls, a small view Fabulous. The Residential Sector Friendly Firepower. Forgotten Church Shy young lady San Ignacio De Loyola Church Workhorse Casual Lady Paton's Rock Lake Ellesmere Okarito Lake Ellesmere The Sparrow Man with a horse, and a point of view. Marlborough Sounds Molly Cosy comfort, a la 1860 Gabriels Gully The Huntsmen Curio Bay Cape Foulwind
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