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53 Foot Doubles
A set of 53 foot trailers behind a Volvo tractor at the Flying J truckstop on the North side of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. This setup is considered a "long combination vehicle" or LCV. A special endorsement is required to operate a rig like this, over and above the Commercial Driver's license. The overall length is about 130 feet, almost double a standard tractor-trailer rig which is about 75 feet. Also, the second trailer adds about another 45,000lbs to the overall weight, which is about 125,000lbs. Something to think about the next time you cut one off in traffic and then step on the brakes. That much weight doesn't slow down so easily, and will squash a 3,000lb passenger car like one can crush an aluminum beverage can.
12 Wide Carlile Load
A load of ramps I picked up in Arkansas, headed for Deadhorse, Alaska. These things are connected together, then used to clean trucks as they leave the oilfields so they don't track contaminated soil away from the oil drilling areas.
The Big Box
An empty "tooling" for Boeing. Tooling is a fancy word for resuable shipping fixture. This one is for a section of commercial airliner fuselage that is manufactured at a contractor's facility in Hawthorne, California and shipped to the World's Largest Building in Everett, Washington, where Boeing assembles various commercial aircraft.
Wide Load
The sign says it all, even though the ultra wide angle lens keeps the viewer from seeing the actual load.
Long Load
A set of triple 28 1/2 foot trailers on I-25 in Wyoming.
Big Forkie
A forklift large enough to pick up a semi truck.
We Fix Trucks
An old tractor-trailer used as an advertising sign for a truck repair shop near Tonkawa, Oklahoma. I took this photo just after a series of tornadoes tore through the area, flipping vehicles on their sides, tearing hoods off of trucks, blowing doors and windows out of businesses.
Beagles In A Large Car
Dogs love trucks. I know because it said so in a pickup commercial.
53 Foot Doubles 12 Wide Carlile Load The Big Box Wide Load Long Load Big Forkie We Fix Trucks Beagles In A Large Car
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