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Early Christian Church
The entrance of this cave-church was marked with etchings. Again, the earliest crosses symbolizing Christianity were symmetrical.
Early Christian Church, Goreme, Turkey
Christians, persecuted by the Romans, fled and hid in the caves of the Goreme region. They also established some of the first churches, also in caves. They marked the entrance of the church-caves in various ways. Here the entrance was marked with paint. Note the early crosses, not the same as modern (post 3rd century) crosses.
Marble Work, Ephesus, Turkey
Carved marble was everywhere, the craftsmanship unbelievable.
Turkish Pottery
Hand Painting Pottery, Turkey
Devrent Valley, Turkey
Devrent Valley, Turkey
Pigeon Valley, Turkey
Sultan's Pottery, Turkey
Five generations of pottery makers.
Accidental Camouflage
I walked past a pond at the Asclepion near Pergamon and heard several splashes. I waited very still a few moments, and out crawled a number of turtles, nearly invisible, covered with the pond algae.
Trajaneum Arches
The Trajaneum, the sanctuary of the Temple of Trajan, was built in the 2nd century AD on the west-facing slope, which was made level by the construction of a terrace supported by this row of eleven arched tunnels.
Road to St. John's Monastery
Part of the way up the hill to the monastery and the Apocalypse Cave.
Skala, Patmos
A view of the town Skala from the St. John monastery on Patmos island.
Skala and the Harbor, Patmos, Greece
A view of the harbor in which we anchored in Patmos, from the St. John Monastery.
Friezes and Scuptures, Parthenon Museum
North wall of the museum.
Knossos Artwork
Mounted over the royal chambers.
Knossos Pottery
Knossos Pottery
Home Sweet Home
Trail to Fira
Santorini Islands
Three of the Santorini islands in late afternoon.
Cafe View
The view of the cafe where we stopped to try Santorini wine and tzatziki.
Cha in Fira, Santorini
Tzatziki in Santorini
Best Tzatziki ever!
Santorini Cliffs
The black buoy in the foreground marks the wreckage of a cruise ship that ventured too close to the cliffs.
Clash of the Titans
Nobody on our bus thought we were going to get around this bus in Fira, Santorini
A Santorini Sunset
Evening falls on the cliffs of Santorini as boats shuttle tourists back to the cruise ship.
A Call From a Restless Generation
Graffiti abounds in Athens, many of the messages are political.
Two of the Caryatids from the Erechtheion
Two of the columns from the Erechtheion's Porch of the Maidens being restored in the Parthenon Museum.
Complete Friezes, Parthenon Museum
Undamaged line of friezes on the north wall of the Parthenon Museum.
Alexandar the Great
A frieze of Alexander on the north wall, Parthenon Museum.
Parthenon Museum, North Wall
The north wall has the most complete set of friezes.
Greek Doorway
Andalusian influence. On walk from the Parthenon Museum to the Parthenon.
Odeon of Herodes Atticus
The theater as seen from the Parthenon.
Temple of Zeus
The Temple of Zeus, as seen from the Parthenon.
Delphi Theater
The Delphi Theater and the Parthenon Museum, seen from the Parthenon. You can see the significant shift in the top floor of the museum so that it perfectly parallels the Parthenon itself. The museum was built to demonstrate to the British Museum curators that Greece had an adequate place in which to house the Parthenon ruins that were removed from Greece by Lord Thomas Elgin in the first decade of the 19th century. They continue to negotiate for their return.
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