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Item information:

Borkovich Family - 1910s
Catherine Baburich, Mary and Barbara Borkovich - 1920s
"Benny" and  "Chub" Jones
Tiffany Tigers - 1923 Team Picture
Vincent and Barbara Jones - Wedding
Vincent and Barbara Jones - Wedding Party
Barbara and Vincent Jones - Portrait
Barbara and Vincent Jones - 1940s
Vincent Jones
Barbara Jones
Jack Jones - Communion Picture
Jack Jones - Age 12 - Grade 6
Ray and Jimmy Jones with Kathy Jones
Vincent and Barbara Jones in May 1955
Barbara, Ray and Vincent Jones - 1955
Rita Jones with Ray and Vincent Jones - June 1955
Barbara Jones - 1950s
Barbara Jones and Tommy Jones
Barbara Jones - September 1958
Barbara Jones and Ray Jones - 1958
Barbara Jones and Jimmy Jones - July 1958
Barbara and Vincent Jones - 1960s
The Joneses in Ohio in the 1940s
The Joneses in Orwell, Ohio - 1930s
Joneses in Orwell in the 1930s
Chub and Chuckie Jones - 1930s
Mary (Jones) Brown
Aunt Kate Jones
Anna Mae Jones
The Joneses - 1970s
The Joneses - 1980s
Joneses in July 2012

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