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20130109-SanPedro-150 (One of my favorite photos taken in San Pedro, this is a doorway into a local warehouse.)
20130112-SanPedro-8 (This is the welcoming family with whom Luz and Ric stayed while in San Pedro.)
20130107B-SanPedro-RicLuzHomeStay-11 (This is the entrance to our home-stay family home.)
20130108-SanPedro-57 (This is a group photo of our delegation and members of the San Pedro Sister Cities and Sertoma International Club organizations.)
20130107A-SanPedro-TheRideIn-53 (Catholic church on the city square in San Pedro.)
20130108-SanPedro-67 (Area outside the church.)
20130108-SanPedro-66 (Entrance to the Catholic church.)
20130108-SanPedro-83 (Inside the church.)
20130108-SanPedro-77 (Grand view of the church interior.)
20130108-SanPedro-79 (More of the church.)
20130108-SanPedro-90 (More of the church.)
20130108-SanPedro-12 (San Pedro City Hall.)
20130108-SanPedro-59 (Street scenes.)
20130108-SanPedro-62 (Street scenes.)
20130109-SanPedro-31 (Street scenes.)
20130108-SanPedro-100 (Local business.)
20130109-SanPedro-35 (House of distinction.  Notice the scare in the brickwork to the left from a cannon ball fired during the revolution.  This building also houses a museum of the city's history.)
20130109-SanPedro-49 (View inside the building.)
20130109-SanPedro-52 (Inside the building.)
20130109-SanPedro-106 (Street scenes.)
20130109-SanPedro-130 (Street scenes.)
20130109-SanPedro-122 (Street scenes.)
20130108-SanPedro-103 (Street vendor of chilies.)
20130109-SanPedro-154 (Street scenes.)
20130110-SanPedro-101 (Street vendor.)
20130110-SanPedro-2 (Local art.)
20130109-SanPedro-196 (Local art.)
20130110-SanPedro-18 (Local art.)
20130109-SanPedro-15 (Art showing the history of Mexico and their revolution.)
20130108-SanPedro-182 (Local dance troupe; very talented.)
20130108-SanPedro-198 (Local dance troupe; very good!)
20130109-SanPedro-218 (Local dancers balancing trays of drink and glasses; very good!)
20130109-SanPedro-11 (Local art celebrating their Day-of-the-Dead holiday.)
20130111-SanPedro-58 (Arista Octavio Ocampo, Mexican artist.)
20130109-SanPedro-166 (Photos of some of the delicious food we were served.)
20130110-SanPedro-90 (Very good!)
20130111-SanPedro-114 (And very generous portions; wonderful!)
20130109-SanPedro-185 (Their local train station was very photogenic.)
20130109-SanPedro-176 (More of the train station.)
20130109-SanPedro-177 (Wonderful doorways at the train station.)
20130111-SanPedro-17 (Train station telegraph office of yesteryear.)
20130110-SanPedro-65 (Scenes from the local nursing home.)
20130110-SanPedro-72 (This woman had such majesty in her face; wonderful.)
20130110-SanPedro-88 (This photos is a great example of the incredible ingenuity of the Mexican people, resourceful in making the most of that they have available.)
20130110-SanPedro-86 (Here's and example of where their resourcefulness may not be the best.)
20130110-SanPedro-104 (Views of the local market; huge place of commerce.)
20130110-SanPedro-105 (Local market.)
20130110-SanPedro-106 (Local market with statue celebrating their Day-of-the-Dead holiday.)
20130110-SanPedro-107 (A cobbler in his shop.)
20130110-SanPedro-108 (Cobbler making his shoes and sandals.)
20130110-SanPedro-115 (Food sales in the local market.)
20130110-SanPedro-117 (Ladies making tamales in the local market.)
20130110-SanPedro-119 (Butcher shop in the local market.)
20130110-SanPedro-121 (Lady knitting products to sell in the market.)
20130107A-SanPedro-TheRideIn-27 (Army checkpoint on the road from Torreon to San Pedro.)
20130107A-SanPedro-TheRideIn-40 (Army helicopter patrol on the road from Torreon and San Pedro, Mexico.)
20130112-SanPedro-35 (View of the countryside from our plan as it was leaving Torreon.)

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