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Coolest glasses in the world
They're the coolest ever because I made them, of course. That would be a scientific optical bench underneath the 'optics.'
Small portrait
This tiny black and white photo was outside this apartment on facing the alley way in Lisbon, Portugal.
Dawn on Bierstadt
Sawtooth takeaway
The one photo I wanted to take away from the Sawtooth hike.
My mom
My mom. She may be a small woman in stature, but in will and personality she stands at least 6'2".
Chasm lake valley
From the summit of Long's Peak right after the Super moon set at about 5:30am, 08/10/2014
Medicine Bow
A nice view before our big climb.
A nice place to stand
My friend David's first hike. Not a bad place to be.
An advert I guess
After hustling down from the first peak due to a dangerous looking storm, we had to take a short little break and soak in the sight from Mt. Shavano one more time. It wasn't long until we were hauling butt away from the occasional thunder clap
Sea frame
A Portuguese sculpture probably meant to be viewed from the point I took this photo from.
Welcome to Portugal
Two beautiful women at the bottom of the stairs and an inviting cook and stove with the welcome sign over the private balcony. All around just a good starting point for the memory.
Coolest glasses in the world Small portrait Dawn on Bierstadt Sawtooth takeaway My mom Chasm lake valley Medicine Bow A nice place to stand An advert I guess Sea frame Welcome to Portugal
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