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Tucson Palm Tree
Sun shining through palm
Vintage Chevy Truck
Turqoise Truck with chrome grill
Black Eyed Susans
Yellow Black Eyed Susan against a blue fence
El Charro Cafe
One of the doors of the historic El Charro resturant , a Tucson landmark.
Back courtyard of a historic home
Balanced Rocks
Rock formation at Chircaua National Park
Tumacocori NP Mission View
View of the church from inside the mission
Tumacocori NP Store Room
Storage pots along the wall in Tumacocori Mission store room
Entrance Towers
3 Glass tube towers that mark the entrance to th Desert Botanical Garden
Niimi Balls
Patterned after Japanese fishing floats
Life Boat
Life boat with tubes
Entering the Garden
2 Glass Pieces viewed near the entrance to the garden
Blue Tubes
A large mass of blue tubes that sit in the middle of the garden
Glass Spheres
Large glass spheres
Two Towers
20 ft towers marking the entrance to the garden paths
One of the Two Towers
One of two glass towers 20 feet off the ground
Red Upright Glass Tubes
Red tubes standing upright in the Joshua Tree exhibit
Floating Spheres
Large glass spheres hanging from the greenhouse frame
Chiriachua NP Cochise Head
Taken from Massai Point in the Chirichua Mountains. Described as the Head of Cochise
Tucson Palm Tree Vintage Chevy Truck Black Eyed Susans El Charro Cafe Courtyard Balanced Rocks Tumacocori NP Mission View Tumacocori NP Store Room Entrance Towers Niimi Balls Life Boat Entering the Garden Blue Tubes Glass Spheres Two Towers One of the Two Towers Red Upright Glass Tubes Floating Spheres Chiriachua NP Cochise Head
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