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View from the carriage window crossing The Royal Border Bridge Sat 20 June 2015. Berwick left and Tweedmouth right which are also linked by the 2 road bridges.
Berwick LNER sign Downside Berwick Sat 20 June 2016. This sign was previously located on the south side of the former yard, facing northbound trains approaching Berwick-Upon-Tweed station. Pleasingly, the sign appears to have been recently refurbished.
View of the Upside of Berwick station looking north from the road overbridge Sat 20 June 2015. The older stonework on the right may have once formed part of an earlier station before the 1927 LNER rebuilding.
Berwick station area looking north from the road overbridge Sat 20 June 2015. The line in view alongside the island platform is the Down Main. Just beyond the platform is Berwick North Crossover (67m 08ch) which allows Down line traffic to use the Up Goods Loop whose southern entrance is from a 10mph turnout at 67m 11ch which is opposite the trackside box. The UGL is 384m / 2415 feet long and like the DGL is also wired and Bi-directional. Left of the Down Main line is the DGL whose northern exit is at 67m 36ch and has a 25mph turnout onto the DM. The further refuge siding centre left is not wired.
Berwick station area looking south viewed from the road overbridge Sat 20 June 2015. Milepost 67 (measured from Newcastle) is lower left between the Down Main line and the Down Goods Loop. The southern entrance to the DGL is 66m 72ch with a 25mph turnout off the main line. It is 736m (2415 feet) long, Bi-directional and wired. The short refuge siding is not wired. The 1930s LNER 'Berwick' trackside sign is centre right. It was formerly sited at the southern entrance area, facing approaching northbound trains coming off the Royal Border Bridge. A few of the arches of the latter at the Tweedmouth side are just visible left of the Loop exit signal showing a red aspect.
The Royal Border Bridge viewed from Berwick Sat 20 June 2015. This magnificent Grade 1 Listed Structure carries the East Coast line from Tweedmouth to Berwick across the River Tweed. Designed by Robert (son of George) Stephenson & originally built for the York, Newcastle & Berwick Railway. Opened by Queen Victoria 29 Aug 1850. It hs 28 semi circular arches each span 18m / 60 feet. The structure curves south to east direction at the Tweedmouth end. Length 659m / 2162 feet. Lines are carried 37m / 121 feet above river level. Major refurbishment work was undertaken 1993 - 1996 and in 2010 changing coloured lighting was installed beneath the arches for its 160th anniversary.
Stylish Berwick Station facade sited on the Up (east) side of the line viewed Sat 20 June 2015. Thought to date from the 1927 LNER rebuilding.
Early LNER cast spandrel Berwick station forecourt Sat 20 June 2015. These are thought to date from the 1927 LNER rebuilding of the station.
Mr Alan Dorrington at Berwick Sat 20 June 2015, shortly after our arrival on the 'Lindisfarne' UKRT charter from London King's Cross at 12.26. The empty coaching stock from our outward charter had already moved forward into the Up Goods Loop on the curve in the distance.
The Down (west) side 'Half Way' sign recorded the the carriage window (hence the reflections) aboard the passing KX to Berwick UKRT Lindisfarne charter 10.03 sat 20 June 2015. This is one of a matching pair of signs located 8m 24ch north of York. This sign appears to have had its frame repainted black, its original 1937 colour.
'EDINBURGH 250 MILES' Downside sign (LNER Series) recorded through the carriage window on Mon 15 July 2013. One of a pair of signs located 4m 28ch north of Retford, Notts.
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