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Duck pond
While strolling Heritage Park, I across various types of ducks.
The ducks were swimming around the crystal clear water during a beautiful sunny day in Heritage Park.
These ducks feathers heated their body so they decide to jump into the cool water.
Rajah is a one year old Doberman. He is very jumpy and has lots of energy.
Stanly is a English Bulldog who is 6 years old. He is very mellow and loves to be pet!
Lab or Poodle?
Nalla is a labradoodle who is 2 years old. She is favored by her owner because Nalla does not shed hair.
Puppy Love
Nalla is very friendly and loves people.
Toy Dogs
Muffin is the dog closest to the camera. she is a 15 year old shiatsu. Bella is the one furthest away from the camera. She is a 10 year old poodle.
These are Chihuahua poodle sister named hope and faith. They are only 4 months old.
This is bibbles. He is 11 months old. My little cousin got him as a reward for obtaining good grades.
A fish tank at one of my favorite restuants.
Iguanas are very popular animals to be kept as pets. They are native to Mexico and south America
Pet Store Lizard
Lizards are closely related to snakes. There are about 6000 different species raging across all contents except Antarctica.
Snakes don't have eye lids or ears. They are carnivorous.
Tweet Tweet
This is a parakeet. They have long feathers and are medium size birds. Their life span is 15 years.
This is a cockatoo. They are parrot 're 1 of 21 species of parrot. Their cuddly nature is one of its draws.
Ninja Turtle
Their shells come from their ribs and act as a shield for them.
These are clown fishes. They live is salt water and their also called Anemone fish.
These are parrots and the most sought of birds in the pet trade.
Pet mice
Mice have been bred as pets for more than 15000 years. They are common pets because they are little.
the portait of animals
Duck pond Ducks Jump Rajah Stanly Lab or Poodle? Puppy Love Toy Dogs Sisters Cruising fishys pets Pet Store Lizard Hizz Tweet Tweet Moonlight Ninja Turtle Nemo Sky Pet mice the portait of animals
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