What I did over my summer by CameronBronner
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  2. What I did over my summerWhat I did over my summer
Gift from my sister
My parents anniversary was at the start of break
My fathers birthday was over break
My library cart
I was working at the library over break
Our new Kittens
We got kittens when my sister was visitng
Selife #2
Me at the library with new contacts
The View
We stayed in Vegas for a few days
Night View
Same Hotel, Same window
Me right before a show
The Stage
This is the show we went to before it started
Street view at night
Still in Vegas
Street View angle 2
Still in Vegas
Komodo dragon at some aquarium we went to
Same aquarium different location
fancy fish
Same aquarium
Same aquarium
Crazy nose
I felt a little sad for him
Her face when we came back home
Tired kitty
Took a nap on my leg after we got back
AP and cats
Me trying to do my ap summer assignment
Selfie #3
Sunday night right before school with my haircut
Gift from my sister Cake My library cart Our new Kittens Selife #2 The View Night View Suit The Stage Street view at night Street View angle 2 Dragon Fishy fancy fish Starfish Crazy nose Doggy Tired kitty AP and cats Selfie #3
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