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Baddoch Chairlift | World Snow Day (This photo shows the new Baddoch Chairlift at Glenshee. A brilliant wee chairlift that revolutionised access to the Butcharts ski area at Glenshee. Some fresh snow on the ground too. Great!

The chairlift was delayed for a whole year because the Department of Transport were slow to approve paperwork. Another sign that the government doesnt take the (huge) Scottish ski industry seriously. Shamefull!)
50 Years Of The Cairnwell Chairlift (The Cairnwell Chairlift has served snowsports on the Cairnwell since the winter of 1961/62. Thats 50 years ago as of when this photo was uploaded! Not only does that make it one of original ski lifts in the United Kingdom but it is still fully functional and even serves mountain bike trails in the summer. It has to be one of the oldest working chairlifts in Europe! It was built following the success of the neighbouring Meal Odhar T-bar which was erected the season before by Dundee Ski Club. The chairlift also marked the formation of the Glenshee Chairlift Company, which expanded year by year to an impressive 23 ski lifts spanning 4 Munroes and 3 Valleys. Glenshee became known as "The Scottish 3 Valleys" and has become the most extensive ski area in Britain.

By a cruel twist of fate though in 2005 The Glenshee Chairlift Company went into receivership following a number of washout winters and the ski centre was only saved by management buyout where members of staff held on through thick & thin to make sure sno)
Deeside From Coire Fionn (2012 brought one of the worst winters to Scotland that we have experienced in recent history. With ski season coming to a close about 2 months early in Febuary. Ski Centres across britain had to tackle with unprecidented high winds, some reaching hurricane force at times hence "Hurricane Bawbag", and savage freeze thaw cycles which brought the conditions from full cover to marginal skiability in a matter of days. Because of this the season never really got going, real pitty as on its day Scottish skiing can definitely compete with Europe. The Ski Centres have struggled through the season and I think everyody, punters and managements allike, will remember the 2011/12 season for what it was.... dreadful!

In this photo you see the Coire Fionn poma's in the foreground, this is one of the most snowsure runs at Glenshee and true enough mantained a full cover more or less right the way through the season. However the surface lifts & link runs required in order to get to & from the snow feilds meant Coire Fionn was)
Snow Making at Glenshee Ski Centre (During one of the worst snow years in recent history. In 2012 Glenshee Ski Centre, like other Scottish Ski Centres, depended on their snow making facilities heaviliy to allow snowsports to take place as extensively as they did many weekends.
Here you can see the shear depth of snow that can be produced by snow making over a 3-4 day period. Quite Impressive.)
Snowy Bush (Yep its a snowy bush.

Took this when I was out back country skiing on Alyth hill lol. Didnt have my big camera so took this on my phone and was impressed with the results. Had to share it as its one of my favourites.

This was actually taken in one of the best ski seasons in recent history when there was skiing in Scotland from mid November to mid June! At home we had nearly a metre of snow at times. And this was also the year when a chilly -27C was recorded at Braemar weather station (near Glenshee)  which sets the UK record and gives Braemar the title "Coldest place in the UK".

Note the date displayed is incorrect.)
Sunset over Perthshire towards Fife from Cairnwell (An epic sunset but I am kicking myself for not using a lens cloth. Arrrgggghhhh!)

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