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Butawa young male_1
Shot at Butawa, Yala after 3 days of searching.
Butawa males 1/2
Baya Weaver bird
At Yala
Black-naped monarch
At Wilpattu.
Crested Hawk Eagle
At Wilpattu
Lurking for the fortune
Shot at Karainagar causeway
Fishing in the lagoon
This fisherman was trying find his fortune for the day in the Karainagar causeway. I was waiting for couple of hours to take a shot with fish in the net but unfortunately he couldn't catch a single fish during the whole time. When I'm about to leave, the fisherman came to me and said, that they believe when someone else is watching fish never come to the net.
Traditional Woman fisher
Early in the morning this woman was seeing coming out of nets with prawn collected into the cane bucket hanging in their hip. This is a part of their daily routine.
Fish Supper
Shot at Yala. Waiting for a Common Kingfisher to dive in and this happened.
Heavy wings
Walking out of a waterhole after a midday bath.
Share to care
Shot during a drought period. This was the only waterhole in the area.
Butawa young male_1 Butawa males 1/2 Baya Weaver bird Black-naped monarch Crested Hawk Eagle Lurking for the fortune Fishing in the lagoon Traditional Woman fisher Fish Supper Heavy wings Share to care
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