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P1050136 (Lud Drexler Park and its restrooms are about ten miles behind me. I have come to what cattlemen call a loading chute. This morning, I'm going to call it an 'unloading chute.')
P1050153 (These Canada Geese seem right at home in the horse pasture at House Creek Ranch.)
P1050116 (I've turned south at Devil Creek Ranch and am gaining some elevation. It's a cool, windy morning as I stop to look back across the valley.)
P1050119 (Wrangle and Red Peaks in the Elk Mountains stand out against the spring blue sky.)
P1050120 (Farther west, the massive Jarbidge Mountains still wear their winter snow.)
P1050123 (In spite of the wind, I stand for long moments and drink in this view.)
P1050124 (But there's rimrock that needs exploring about five more miles up the road.)
P1050125 (After all, someone's gotta see what's up there!)
P1050126 (Snow. And pretty steep side-hilling.)
P1050127 (Snow this way, too. No glyphs to see today.)
P1050129 (But I'm sure someone was here long ago. These obsidian flakes near a natural rock seat don't appear to be accidental.)
P1050130 (Since the Sun Dagger Men's Club couldn't be with me today, I wrote the club name in the snow!)
P1050131 (It really is a beautiful spring morning here out of the wind. The truck is far below on the road.)
P1050134 (Some hoodoos need to be visited on the way back.)
P1050135 (A small pond is visible in the distance.)
P1050152 (The poor truck took a beating today with all the deep ruts in the road.)
P1050138 (It also has to wade across this stream as we head into the forest and up the mountain.)
P1050139 (How long has it been since Olympia Beer came in cans that look like this?)
P1050141 (This high spot overlooks the O'Neil Basin, as does Wrangle and Red. But I can't find the road to those today.)
P1050143 (The view is stunning, just the same.)
P1050144 (The wind up here is even stronger than below. And cold!)
P1050146 (Back on the main road, it looks easy. It'll be a challenge for another day.)
P1050147 (Here are the Elk Mountains from my southernmost point today.)
P1050148 (The road is deteriorating so I make a decision to backtrack rather than push on to Brown's Bench.)
P1050150 (The Jarbidge come back into view about the same time as a familiar-looking draw where I once saw phallic-looking rocks.)
P1050151 (At least at the time, that's the way they looked. This shot from about a quarter mile away looks only slightly naughty but not enough to clamor down to the bottom.)
P1050137 (But this sensuous aspen was a real show-stopper! Yeah, baby!)
P1050155 (Back in Rogerson, where you're instructed to watch children. Uh, shouldn't that be Watch FOR Children??)

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