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Am an amateur photography enthusiast. Studied photography at the turn of the 21st century. Moved through the age of fully manual film cameras (developing negatives & hand-washing film, handwriting what is called EXIF data today, etc.) up to digital full frame cameras (doing post-production with Photoshop, etc.). Oh the advances in technology over a period of a decade has been absolutely marvelous! But IMHO, makes it feel like "cheating" sometimes. Hahaha!

Am just looking to share some photos with other photography enthusiasts & hone my skills, or lack thereof. Hahaha! Have only been picking up the hobby again lately.

My past & present loves:
1. Olympus μ[mju:] (Stylus) - 35mm film (auto)
2. Olympus OM-2000 - 35mm film (fully manual)
3. Canon Prima Super 130 - 35mm film (auto)
4. Canon EOS 7S - 35mm film (semi-auto)
5. Canon Powershot D10 - digital 1/2.3" (CCD)
6. Canon Powershot S100 - digital 1/1.7" (CMOS)
8. Sony SLT-A57 - digital 1.53 (APS-C)
9. Canon EOS 6D - digital (Full Frame)

- On a mission to digitize everyday wonders -

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