The Pad @ 4046 8th Ave. NE by JamesBiehl by JamesBiehl
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  3. Front of house view. Looks just like a normal house, right?Front of house view. Looks just like a normal house, right?

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Front of house view. Looks just like a normal house, right?
The view front the front door. BIG bridge (I-5)
Inside front door. My door is at the end of the hall to the left.
Now you are inside my room.
The desk. My peace plant on top my fridge. Duct tape - in case anything goes wrong. It rocks!
Cooking space! Awesome toaster oven I got for free. Hot plate. Cutting board. It works. Pyrex coffee
Lamp and collage I made. It represents transformation. Laptop gaf $5.
Nice wood. Big shelf I just got cheap via craigslist.
Books on top. Less is better. Whiskey I don't want. Headphones. Chrorella. Clothes
Bed. Needs some work. Queen size! Free from Robert's (Olivia's dad) friend. Neck pump and NC wedge.
Bread, gr. turkey, leftover sardines, goat milk cheese and yogurt, broccoli, pastrami, millet, eggs.
My bike inside front door! It ROCKS! $75 rebuilt Specialized "street stomper" Mad Compliments!
About to go inside bathroom. DUCK.
Toilet paper fund. It was an issue needing to be addressed.
It works.
Sweatshirt hanging over lamp outside my window that annoys me when I try to sleep. Works!
Outside at night.
Vie inside my window. Milky Sake on window sill.
Functional solutions.
Great clothing. Paisley shirt from Belgium.
Front yard, would be good for BBQ in summer or hanging out in the neighborhood.
Doing dishes on the side of the house.
Made some trail mix from TONS of free organic bulk food we got from Olivia's aunt. "Gnarly Dude Mix"
Example Salad. Who knows?
Dinner last night. Had to use Pastrami because fridge broke (now suddenly working)

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