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This photo was taken while my dad was driving down the 805. This photo looks doesn't look so crisp, but I like how it helps with the calming mood.
So we went to Coronado to take pictures of the San Diego lifestyle. I love this photo and how clear it is.
Little Fisherman
Where I was standing to take photos, there were people trying to capture fish. The little boy had caught a fish and i got a photo of it.
We were driving on the coronado bridge when i took this photo. I decided to get a photo of myself with the camera and I am pleased with the outcome.
I like how i was able to get a landscape photo. I wish it was a little more crisp. However, this shows the San Diego lifestyle as people hear love the water.
This is a photo of the Marriott Hotel. I took this photo while my dad was driving down the road to go to the pier. Tourists that visit San Diego will most likely come here to Coronado because of the view of the water.
This bird was just chilling and I wanted to get a picture of before it flew away. In the background you see two people also just chilling. The overall mood of this photo is calm and chill.
I love this photo. It captures what San Diego is: a city near lots of water. This picture looks so blue and is so nice to look at (to me).
San Diego Bay
This photo has a large depth of field making it landscape. I love how the foreground is the people just hanging out in the sand because San Diego is known for its sand and beaches.
This photo was taken of one of the ferries in coronado. I like how in the photo you actually see the people waiting to go on the ferry.
I like how in this photo you have the giant palm trees and people just admiring being outside. (They have cool shops by the way).
Neeooww (plane noise)
As i was taking pictures i heard a noise above me. "What's in the sky? Is it a bird? Is it a plane? It's... It's..wait it's just a seaplane." I like how in the photo there is a tiny seaplane that is nothing compared to the blue sky.
Fire Station
Chula vista is part of San Diego County (duh) so i decided why not take a photo of a fire station here in Chula Vista, CA.
This photo was taken right before the blue ferry was going to leave. The black ferry is in the middle right patiently waiting.
I got a photo of some fishermen and a tiny one. One of the fishermen was telling my dad how someone had caught a 5-foot shark that day.
We were on the coronado bridge and saw the "Bae Systems". I like this photo because you see the city in the background (landscape) and the shipyard up front.
We were in a store to get chocolate and my dad makes a commotion about a giant ship and how i should get a photo of it. So i started speed walking and tried to get a good shot. Besides the stupid lamp post, this shot looks pretty nice.
In this photo, i tried to capture the Sun in it by adjusting the aperture many times but the Sun would not cooperate. However the foreground is pretty San Diegan.
I like how in this photo i caught the smoke coming out from the ferry. Something else that catches your eye is the tiny pigeon on the pillar and the man docking the ferry.
Sailboat In The Distance
I like how in this photo you see the tall buildings in the background and then at the horizon you see tiny boats.
Freeway Coronado Little Fisherman Self-Portrait Boats Hotel Pigeon Dock San Diego Bay Dock Coronado Neeooww (plane noise) Fire Station Ferry Fishermen Bae MOTHER SHIP Coronado Ferry Sailboat In The Distance
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