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Colored Pencils
During this weekly photo assignment, i found out that i really like to take close-up photos. This is a close-up photo of colored pencils, a paint box, and my crown. There is a unique depth of field where the foreground and background is shallow.
Baby/Toddler Toys
The dominant color in this photo is green but there is red, blue, yellow, purple, and pink. There are curved likes from the handles on the two toys. Also, there is a shallow depth of field.
My bed sheets is covered in circles (shape). They are also in six different colors. In this photo, there is a creative blur where only the middle is clear.
I have a map taped to my wall. All the countries are in different colors. The outline of the countries are examples of curved lines.
Bed Cover
There are curved lines and 500 shades or pink in this photo. Nothing really special about this photo other than it is close up and showing texture of my bed.
Bed Shelf...?
This photo has shallow depth of field in the left upper corner/ Also there are straight and curved lines from the box, trophy, and the little blue couch.
Colored Writing Utensils
There is shallow depth of field, once again, in the foreground and background. The brown colored pencil stands out the most in this photo. The viewer will then look down and about.
Art Supplies and Crown Meets Foot
In this photo there is a huge contrast as you see my foot, which is covered in a black sock, surrounded by more bright colors. This photo is a teensy bit overexposed.
Paint Box
In this photo, there is shape, curved line, and color, from the ovals of paint colors. The point of view is purposely tilted a bit so the end result of the photo will be more interesting.
Art Supplies and the Crown
There is color is all sorts of direction as I threw my colored pencils, crown. and paint box, onto the ground. The abundance of color gives life to the photo. The audience will see the paint box and colored pencils first and then the crown since it is in their peripheral vision.
Colored Pencils
The shallow depth of field is apparent in both the foreground and background. There is a variety of color creating a not so dull photo.
Looking Somewhat Up
This photo has shallow depth of field. It also contains a little contrast. The following elements of art that is present is: lines, texture, and color.
Bed Stuff
In this photo, it has the following elements of art: texture, color, shape, and line. The foreground is somewhat blurry when the parts of the subject is clear. What contrast this photo is the black killer whale in the left upper corner.
Cozy Blankets
Cozy colorful blankets in the photo makes imagine how it will feel like and how it will keep you warm.There are lines from the stripes and outlines from the blankets.
Purple Flowers
The purple flowers contrasts with the green in the background. This photo is not so colorful but it has color when you see the different shades of purple flowers.
This photo contains texture from the fake colors and a little contrast as you look at the dark pink flowers against the light purple. The point of view is purposely like this so majority of the lei will be seen.
This is a close-up photo of a pillow. You can almost feel the pillow case and just sleep. There are shapes and curved lines from the design of the pillows.
Orange Things
This photo contains contrast because of the orange and green. The photo of the bush-like thing is kind of split in half. The green leaves dominates the right side while the orange little things dominates the left side.
Fake Flowers
There is a slight orange color cast in this photo. Also there is rule of thirds because the vase/pot is to the left and not directly in the middle.
Grocery Store Ad
This photo has texture immediately has the viewer can feel the crease of the ad. There is also shapes and lines from the boxed items.
This photo has color but it it's dull. Why is it dull? Well i took the photo where the sun was blocked making the photo a wee bit underexposed because of the white balance setting i put it on (Daylight)
Colored Pencils Baby/Toddler Toys Pillow Map Bed Cover Bed Shelf...? Colored Writing Utensils Art Supplies and Crown Meets Foot Paint Box Art Supplies and the Crown Colored Pencils Looking Somewhat Up Bed Stuff Cozy Blankets Purple Flowers Lei Pillow Orange Things Fake Flowers Grocery Store Ad Playground
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