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I am happy with this photo because the subject is clear and sharp. Plus, there is shallow depth of field and the sun is shining through the clouds.
This is Sarena. In this photo the heart is seen in the background but blurred out (shallow depth of field). There is rule of thirds as she is not in the middle of the photo.
This is Kat's natural habitat. She lays on the bench while having crazy nerds surround her. I am really really happy about how clear these photos are coming out to be. After i took this photo, Julian then sat on her.
I took this photo of my friend Lucia eating lunch. She turned away to look down at someone who was sitting on the ground and thought this was a pretty neat photo.
This is my friend's, Sammy's, natural habitat. Laughing and being the wonderful person she is. However do not even try to mess with her cause despite her height, she is strong and will take you down.
I call Sammy, Lucifer. She was about to eat her sandwich while i was screaming that i needed to take photos for my 5th period, and this was a nice shot of her about to eat. I now want some food.
In this photo, i had to change the white balance setting to Cloudy. The background is blurred (shallow depth of field) and once again Rule of Thirds is not applied to here.
I remember asking him if i can take a photo of him and his response was along the lines of "smiling while awkwardly getting a picture taken". Then this was created. I am happy with the results.
In this photo, there is Rule of Thirds. I am so happy about how clear this photo is. There is a little depth of field in the background.
This is my friend Aizzer. This photo was taken on the no flash setting so everything was auto. Aizzer here was doing classwork in Human Anatomy.
I took a picture of Yannick writing down his direct questions. I staged it t evoke a feeling that he is a hardworke
That day, we were screaming out the questions so we can be louder. Kelsey is standing on the table projecting her voice when she states her questions.
This was taking during photography class. I do realize that there is an orange color cast, but i tried. he was willing to be a model and this is the pose he gave me. There is Rule of Thirds and Cut-offs.
Lemuel is tired and that i what i captured in this photo. There is Rule of Thirds and Cut- Offs since Lemuel is not in the middle nor is his whole body shown.
This is during a Mock Trial meeting. Julian here was willing to be a model. Rule of thirds does not apply to here but the poster in the background describes this photo. (Rad).
In this photo, wanted to have the background of school in the background. So Mario is the corner making the lab stations more apparent.
I understood Environmental Portrait is taking photos of people in their natural habitat. So when he curled up in fetal position, i thought that this would be a perfect shot.
As i was searching for models, Ryan heard and crouched down in this position. This is Ryan in his natural habitat, apparently. ThIs made me laugh while taking the photo.
Ryan Sigala
Immediately, you see Cut-offs, then you see Rule of Thirds. I was trying to make he skateboard obvious so it will show he is a skateboarder but then his face was cut off. woops.
I'M SO HAPPY. I DID A SELF-PORTRAIT. I had stacked up books and set the camera on top. Then, i put the camera on the timer and voila, this photo (after 10 tries) was made.
Julian Sarena Kat Lucia Sammy Lucifer Julian Andres Dakota Aizzer Yannick Kelsey Chris Lemuel Julian Mario Aizzer Ryan Ryan Sigala ME
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